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Review: The Unexpected Gift by Nicole Casey


The Unexpected Gift by Nicole Casey 3/5

6tag_111217-072240He’s a billionaire in Seattle. I’m practically a nun. Nothing is going to happen between us. Right?

I only return home from my missionary work in Moscow for one reason: collect the cash donation for the starving children from my wealthy brother, Matthew.

I didn’t expect to meet my brother’s best friend and business partner, Nick again.

He’s more mature now, with broad shoulders, perfect abs and a gorgeous face.

And when I get to know him more, I am surprised to find that I’m absurdly attracted to his attentiveness and generous heart.

Is falling for him the biggest mistake of my life?

And what if he finds out there is an unexpected gift for both of us for Christmas?


The Unexpected Gift is a quick read that can be finished in one sitting.

Eva’s character complemented Nick’s, so the natural chemistry and relationship development felt natural and believable. However, for a nun about to take her vows she was easily swayed… as in no resistance whatsoever. It was hardly a case of Nick having to put in any effort. I guess that whole element to the storyline felt a little contrived to me.

Despite him being a money-greedy jerk, her brother Matthew was an interesting character. I would have liked to have seen more of him in the narrative.

The mix of sad and happy moments throughout the short narrative appealed to me, but the ending didn’t quite cover it. I wanted to know a little more. I am assuming there is/ will be a sequel to this short story.


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