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ARC Review: The Phoenix Cycle by Bob Collopy


The Phoenix Cycle: The Best Shall Rise by Bob Collopy 3/5

35148208New San Francisco is the last city standing on a world ravaged by storms of ash and debris. The city survived by putting the ideals of the American dream on steroids and inspiring its people to persevere, though they have become ruthless in the process. Its citizens are ruled by the General, who has made sure that his people understand that gentleness and pity have become weaknesses that nature no longer tolerates.

Now Steve and Leslie must choose whether they will apply for the General’s once in a lifetime opportunity to “Rise from the Ashes” and join the Inner Circle that rules the city. If they don’t, they will be damned to spend the rest of their lives in the ghettos of Edingburg, a place where virtual reality has become a government-subsidized addiction.

For Steve, the choice is easy. His loyalties lie with the IRA, a revolutionary army led by a voice only known as “Mom.” They are trying to overthrow the General and free the people of New San Francisco from the cruelties of the City Guard. Steve’s mission is to broadcast a recording of a speech that a famous philosopher died to tell. Many thousands have and will perish to get this message out, but is anyone willing to listen?

Thank you to the author who gave me an e-copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

This book is due for release on 23rd June 2017. 


An imaginative, dystopian novel that doesn’t shy away from the brutality of a post apocalyptic world, and clings to the us and them concept.

The narrative could have been streamlined a little more. There were times when my brain was playing catch up, although the pace wasn’t that fast. The male protag had motivation and led an intriguing life that kept the pages turning. I would have liked more character development, but the flitting between Steve’s POV, broadcasts, and the journal entries took away from that little. However, there were characters to root for.

Fans who liked the Hunger Games trilogy would probably enjoy this novel. The Inner Circle and the Phoenix Cyclers idea lends itself to the eat or be eaten concept.

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