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Review: Island by Nicky Singer


Island by Nicky Singer 4.5/5

6tag_290517-185924.jpgUrban teenager Cameron arrives on an uninhabited arctic island. He is prepared for ice and storms and (stripped of his smart technology) possibly boredom. He is not prepared for 24 hour daylight and erupting graves. At first Cameron believes the explanations of his research scientist mother. But – as the island reveals itself to him – he begins to see (and hear) things which push him towards a very different reality. One of them is an Inuit girl. The other is a large white bear.


Cameron is a typical, twenty-first century teenager. His dependance on technology sees him reluctant to go with his Mum on one of her research trips to an artic Island: Herschel Island. He is definitely not prepared to meet Inuluk, an Inuit girl whose mission is to teach him the history of her people and open his eyes to the beauty of the island. What secret is Inuluk hiding, and why is Cameron the only one to have met her?

This book handles a strong message, but manages to put it across in a calm, mystical, intriguing way. The characters are subtle, but offer reality to what might be perceived as a fantastical story. Cameron’s character was well developed, and his character arc developed naturally, alongside his ‘teachings’ from Inuluk.

This book is aimed at 12+, but transcends the children’s literature/ YA genre. Anyone can enjoy this story and understand the importance of its messgae. As a reader, you are left with a new perspective, and perhaps, shame for having your eyes closed to everything this book preaches.

I won’t say too much on the nature of the children’s friendship or their journey because I don’t want to spoil the reading experience of others. A worth while read that I shall ensure my daughter reads in a few years.

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