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Four in One Review: Short Stories


Eden by Michael Robertson 4/5

6tag_150517-060737Eden is an underground, self-sufficient complex that has withstood the zombie apocalypse for over thirty years. Standing in the control room, there to take over the running of it from his father, Mark quickly realises this is more than a handover. He’s about to find out that Eden has secrets. Dark secrets.

Secrets that reveal the truth about the apocalypse.

Secrets that change the way he looks at his father forever.

Secrets that change the way he looks at everything forever.


Two zombie tales in one: Eden and Pandora. I preferred Eden because the narrative was told with back story and conclusion. I felt like Pandora could have been expanded into a longer novella. Both stories were well written and immersive. I will pay closer attention to this author in the future.

Birthday Blaze by Kacey Shea 3/5

6tag_150517-060035.jpgBrennan O’Shea might be every woman’s dream.
Built like a tank and inked to perfection.
A fireman. Really, what else is there?
Yeah, he’s a fantasy brought to life if only it weren’t for one little problem. Okay, it’s a big one. He can’t talk to women. The more attractive the lady, the more words fail him. And his beautiful, friendly neighbor Jenny has Brennan lusting for more than chatty banter. Will a birthday wish give him a shot with the woman he wants? Or will his hopes go up in flames?


Who doesn’t like romantic erotica about socially awkward firemen? Brennan came across as a ‘stumbling over his words, lacking in confidence’ hunk which was endearing at first, but then his attitude toward his ex was hypocrital, and every character seemed to go against the grain as the narrative progressed. His relationship with his sister was the saving grace for me. It felt natural and open, showing a hint of back story other than that of the ex.

Shadow of the Wolf by Mac Flynn 2/5

6tag_150517-055552.jpgThe moon is a harsh mistress for those with the curse. Only they understand the consequences when the full moon rises. Stephanie Yager slips into this world of struggle and seduction when she takes a wrong turn down destiny’s path.

The first part of the werewolf romance series featuring the trials of Stephanie Yager.


For the first part of a sixteen part serial, I was disappointed. There was no story arc to speak of. Even individual parts of a serial need a beginning, middle, and some sort of conclusion. Give me cliff hangers, but answer some of the questions set in the narrative first, right? This installment ended at the beginning.

Luna Proxy by Mac Flynn 3/5

6tag_150517-060339.jpgA grimy world surrounds Leila Ulric. Gangs roam the streets, her dead-end job has no end, and her apartment isn’t much larger than a walk-in closet. Her life looks to be turning around when a death leads her to a new apartment with a new roommate. The improvement in possessions, however, doesn’t lead to the satisfaction she hoped. A walk in the fresh night air leads her to stumble on a mystery that refuses to be solved, and a young man who holds truths she never realized existed.


I wanted to give Flynn another shot after seeing some good reviews for this serial. The blurb says ‘The Luna Proxy series is an episodic serial where each book contains a conclusive story within an over-arching tale.‘ This story was not conclusive, even in the general sense. Yet again, the story gets started at the very end. I gave this read 3/5 because the story we were given was well written and intriguing. I do not trust Red as far as I can throw him.

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