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Review: A Mere Interlude by Thomas Hardy


A Mere Interlude by Thomas Hardy 2.5/5

6tag_250417-121207.jpgLove can be heartbreaking

As Baptista travels home to marry her parents’ old neighbour, she encounters her lost lover. They elope together, but tragedy strikes unexpectedly on their wedding day and she returns to her parents to do her duty. Will her other, brief love remain a secret?


Considering the lack of information on the cover and the solitary title, I was shocked to find that this book held three short stories. A Mere Interlude, The Withered Arm, and An Imaginative Woman. They are stated as love stories, although I wouldn’t class them as swooning romances with fairy tale endings. Out of the three, The Withered Arm didn’t mesh well with the other two. The paranormal element to it was not in keeping.

I haven’t read anything by Thomas Hardy before, and I’m not sure that these shorts were the best to start with. The writing style is blunt and to the point, and even though ‘fluff’ is given a bad name in the writing world. I like a little fluff in my reading experience. An in-depth poke into emotions and mindsets would have helped me get into the stories.

Another issue I couldn’t get passed was the ‘silly’ decisions/ emotions of the female characters. Women come across as either fanciful, silly, or scornful. I had to remind myself of the time when these stories were written, but it didn’t really help my reading experience.

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