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What have I been listening to whilst researching and taking notes for EVO Ghost? Well, one song in particular is drawing my attention of late. This is not a new song to me or the EVO Nation series. I have listened to this song during the drafting of books one and two, and now, it is making an appearance again for EVO Ghost.

The lyrics for this could have been written for EVO Ghost. The theme of fighting for your life is important in both this song and my book.

Death surrounds
My heartbeat’s slowing down
I won’t take this world’s abuse
I won’t give up or refuse
This is how it feels when you’re bent and broken
This is how it feels when your dignity’s stolen
When everything you love is leaving
You hold on to what you believe in

What is on your writing playlist? Are there any go to songs that inspire you regardless of how many times you’ve heard them?

Content belongs to K.J. Chapman

5 thoughts on “Muse-ic”

  1. I still haven’t made a playlist ๐Ÿ˜› When I do it’ll have to be purely instrumental I think, it’d be too distracting otherwise. Unless I listen first to get into the right mindset? Hmm…
    (Fingers crossed commenting with my website works…)

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      1. Phew! Although, it does need me to sign in with my old blog, it won’t let me comment with the website. I might start commenting with Twitter instead, but I miss that it no longer tells when I have a reply waiting somewhere. It’ll take some getting used to.
        You know, I might just pop ‘create playlist’ onto my ToDo list for next week ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. I absolutely love Skillet! And this is such a great song! And it seems so perfect for the entire EVO Nation series โค
    I try to listen mostly to 70s & 80s rock when it comes to the Inรญonaofa Chronicles! Lately Heroes by David Bowie and Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones have been playing viciously on repeat!

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