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Review: Project Dodge by J.Lynne


Project Dodge by J.Lynne 3/5

wp-1482935349401.jpgA deadly virus. One little girl. The world isn’t ready for what happens next.

Eight-year-old Caitlyn is a rambunctious girl who finds herself at the end of a dirt driveway, watching her mother speed away. Her antics land her at an old farmhouse in a quiet, rural area with her grandmother.

The old woman sends her to the kitchen to make cookies, and when Caitlyn needs her help, she discovers her grandmother in a dark room, staring at the television. Footage shows people frantically evacuating the cities and fleeing for their lives.

Danger lurks around every corner and this little girl learns, firsthand, what happens when you die.

I downloaded this novella for free from Amazon.


The zombie apocalypse hits the world whilst Caitlyn and her Gran are alone at the farmhouse. It doesn’t take long for the undead to get inside. Caitlyn dies, but by chance, she finds her way to a research facility where people are attempting to find some sort of cure.

The action starts pretty much straight away, and the premise draws you in. I wanted to be included in how the mind of a zombie works as there are not a lot of undead perspective books out there. Caitlyn acts pretty much how you’d expect, but the slight thought processes described were interesting.

The writing style is simplistic and this does lend itself to the ‘creature’s’ perspective, but not so much to the rest. As Caitlyn regains some sort of emotional footing, you see the split personality between the human and the zombie in her- another interesting dimension. I wonder if this novella would have benefitted from Caitlyn’s first person narrative throughout. The ending is sad *no spoilers*, but I think I was expecting more. I was never fully shocked and surprised, and I don’t necessarily mean in the gore sense. With so many zombie books available, and being a huge fan of the genre, I believe there has to be something more to offer, whether it be unique plot twists or a fresh writing style that stands out from the crowd.

In summary, if you can’t get enough of the zombie genre, this is one to try. Caitlyn’s perspective is interesting, but I wanted a little more surprise.

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