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Review: Tough Love by Skye Warren


Tough Love (Stripped #0.5) by Skye Warren 4/5

15591836_1372511329466947_1831706741_nA story about the sacrifices we make for love…

I sneak out of my room every night. My father’s guards don’t see me. My sister doesn’t see me. No one sees me, except him.

He’s the son of a mafia foot soldier. My father is the boss. I shouldn’t even know Giovanni. And I definitely shouldn’t kiss him. Our relationship is doomed to fail, but that won’t stop me from trying.

Not every girl wants to be a princess. I just want to be free.

I downloaded this book for free from Amazon Kindle.


Clara is the youngest daughter of a mafia boss and is in love with the son of one of her father’s foot soldiers, Giovanni. The unstable set-up of the firm and who will eventually take over, sees Clara and her sister, Honor, thrust into dangerous situations, relationships, and a life set to be full of pain. Gio has other plans for Clara, and sets about freeing his love.

This book definitely lives up to the dark romance genre, and is the first I have read of its kind. I was drawn in from the start; learning the dynamics of the mafia and the forbidden relationship between Clara and Gio. Warren builds a vivid world of debauchery, violence, and power in a short space of time. The characters are crystal clear in my mind, and even the hero is far from a saint. This series holds promise.

I need to know Gio’s fate, and I can 100% say that I shall be reading more from Warren in 2017.

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