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Review: Make My Wish Come True by Jade Cooper


Make My Wish Come True by Jade Cooper 3/5

15356000_1354214304629983_1522282279_n.jpgIt’s Christmas Eve and Livy’s hoping for a little Christmas Magic. She makes her wish and goes to bed alone. But Christmas morning may be a long way off. It just so happens that someone else is wishing for the same thing. There’s a blizzard outside but inside Quinn McGrath’s Irish Manor, the fire is roaring. Together, their wish has been heard.

What happens next is nothing short of naughty magic with all the trimmings of a warm and fuzzy romance. It’s not every year that Christmas magic lands Livy in the bed of a hot Celt who wants nothing more than to dominate her into sexual bliss.

** This book contains strong sexual content and is intended for mature audiences only**

I downloaded this novella for free from Amazon Kindle.


Shy Livy works in marketing and is single at Christmas. She wishes for someone to spend the holiday season with. A bizarre dream and Christmas magic sees her transported to another lost soul, Quinn. Together they see in Christmas in steamy, raunchy style.

The story starts in the usual cliched way- bored, lonely Livy working in a job she doesn’t like, wishing for more out of life, and dreaming on Mr Perfect. Very quickly the magic happens- literally. Livy hears the pleads of a man in her dreams and she answers him. What happens next throws the book through a loop. Christmas magic is involved in seeing her wish answered.

I would have liked a little more explanation about the weird transportation, but none is offered. Steamy sex pursues and pretty much fills the rest of the book. The ending is sweet, but lacking a little, hence my 3 stars. Does Livy stay? Does she get transported home? I am interested in knowing more.

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