Indie Book Advent

Indie Book Advent #5


Day five of my Indie Book Advent features K.C. Jane’s novellas, With Bells On, and Searching for Sasha.

searching-for-sasha-cover-jpegIt’s not like the news of her Mum’s overdose comes as a shock to Sasha, but the secret hidden in her belongings sees her embark on a journey of desperation and discovery. Could one, scrawled letter bring love into Sasha’s life? And will Sasha know what it looks like if it does?

One thing is for sure, if she wants love and family, then she has to work for it. Her quest to belong may just have her searching for the one person she never realised she had lost…herself.


with-bells-onMona is a perpetual singleton, but not for lack of trying. Is it simply bad luck, or her knack for finding herself in the most awkward, yet hilarious situations, that sees her romance-free at Christmas?

Maybe the right man isn’t out there. Or maybe she has been looking in the wrong place this whole time.

Could a game of bingo and a cantankerous Nanna lead Mona to her Christmas romance?

Where to find K.C. Jane and her books:







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