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Review: Naughty or Nice? Anthology by Various Authors


Naughty or Nice? Anthology by Various Authors 3/5

15129978_1338980429486704_1630797314_nInspired by roaring campfires and the cold nights of the Pacific Northwest, a group of HarperImpulse authors came together to write their own round robin style romances.

In this special festive Written Fireside, the authors ran a competition to give a reader the chance to start each story in the anthology with their own opening paragraph. Georgia Beyers was the winner and now you can find out how each author followed that paragraph with their incredible storytelling.

So settle down, grab a mince pie and join us for a Christmas by the fire…

I downloaded this book for free from Amazon.


I was intrigued by the interesting concept of the writing prompt. The authors held a competiton for the prompt, and the winning prompt was used and adapted by every author in this anthology. As a reader, you get taken on many varying tales from that one prompt.

I had to pace myself when reading these stories because a lot of the Charlotte characters started blending in to one. A couple of the authors handled the prompt imaginatively and worked out a narrative to include protagonists with names other than Charlotte or Daniel.

Okay, so there were a lot of cliches for Christmas romance shorts, but that’s what we dive in for. It’s a ‘curl up with a mince pie or box of chocolates read’ that you can pick up and stop as and when you like. There were a few stories that were a little too predictable, and one where Daniel’s name suddenly changed to Ben??? How was that not picked up in the edit? But otherwise, a fun read to get me in the Christmas spirit.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Naughty or Nice? Anthology by Various Authors”

  1. I really need to get into the Christmas spirit! I’d pick up a Christmassy story but with my tbr pile being a little unsteady already it’s probably not a good idea.
    It’s always risky when so many different authors come together. I’m sorry the editing let it down.


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