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Review: Earth’s Knot by Katie Deann

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Earth’s Knot by Katie Deann 2.5/5

14937859_1322517394466341_1728437869_nWhen Merak, one of the best thieves of the infamous Black Feathers, botches up what should have been a simple job in the underground, maze-like city of Knot, all hell breaks loose.

Suddenly he’s being hunted by a mysterious entity which the Oculists–Knot’s bronze-masked high priests–are desperately searching for. For they need it in time for a rare cosmic event that will reveal a way for them to physically reach their God.

But Merak’s interference might just cost them that chance.

And there’s a secret he knows nothing about… that will change everything…

I downloaded this novella for free from Amazon Kindle.


This novella should garner more stars; innovative world, interesting concept, good prose, but the length of this book doesn’t allow the world, characters, and concepts to grow. It really needed to be a full length book to do it justice. It’s such a shame as I would have loved to see Deann develop her imaginative world.

This book, although, marketed as a novella, seems more like a prequel/ the first chapters of a much larger story. There wasn’t a definite beginning, middle, or end, and I was left unsatisfied as a reader. If I went in knowing this was not a full story, I think it wouldn’t have been as jarring to read. However, I would not buy only the first part of a story- the set-up is confusing. If the series of novellas was worked into a full novel, I would read it.

The narrative moved along at a good pace, and the characters came across as distinct. Mouse in particular felt well rounded and believable. Again, I wanted more, but novella length stopped Deann from a great deal of character development.

There is such promise with this book, and I know I’m not the only reader to sense it. I hope this series gets reworked in the future.


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