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Capitalisation of Honorifics and Names is the Bane of my Editing Life


What has this edit and my proof-reader shown me? That I am inconsistent in my capitalisation of honorifics and names. Oh my word! As soon as my proof-reader started pointing them out, she just couldn’t stop. I mean, seriously, I’m totally crap and inconsistent to the point of frustration.  Titles such as King, Your Majesty, and the more common ‘Father’ (in terms of referring to an actual person by that name), are just a few of my pit falls. This is how I picture my proof-reader’s reaction every time she has to correct me on this issue:


What makes this edit even more exasperating is that my novel is full of honorifics with one of my main protags coming from royalty. Oh well, at least I am now aware of my annoying tendencies, right? Ha!

Do you have any annoying writing habits/ pit falls? What is your biggest editing peeve?

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9 thoughts on “Capitalisation of Honorifics and Names is the Bane of my Editing Life”

  1. I am terrible with mixing up words: there and their, compliment and complement, etc. I know the differences and when to use them but when I’m typing, my brain doesn’t care. It’ll throw in anything. Also bad about leaving myself cryptic notes throughout a draft. When I go back through editing, I have not freaking clue what the hell I was talking about.

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    1. Those cryptic notes are pests, right? I wrote myself the most useful one when drafting Thrown to The Blue- ‘Rewrite this hunk of s**t.’ It was lovely to come across that during editing- *bangs head on table*.


  2. Hehe that always is my problem and I think it’s a problem for most writers. We like want to scream ‘He’ is important so we’re going to capitalize it! I totally get your proofreader and that gif was totally me when I was proofreading for someone. But, hey, that’s what proofreaders are there for – to show us our faults and praise us at the same time. 😉

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    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one. It’s remembering what context in which the honorific is being used that causes me problems. Are they talking about kings in general- lower case, or a specific one king- capitals. Ahhhh!

      My proof reader has been a god send and I’m still correcting this issue on a daily basis :O

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  3. There’s always something that pops up like that! I haven’t had to use any titles as such, but one of my issues with Eléonore at the moment are my accents. If I’m not careful, Scrivener keeps removing them! It’s been a nightmare to make sure my French words aren’t lacking the proper accents on their vowels ;P
    Good luck with those edits!


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