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Self Belief


I have been inspired to write this post by Al over at Hyperactive Pandemonium. Al’s post about the motivational quotes he relies on to get him through writer’s doubt, got me thinking about my own motivation when it comes to my writing. You can check out Al’s post here: Step Up Saturday.

Other than a love for writing, we must have some motivation, some inkling that we can write a book, edit a book, and publish a book. Mine was a quote: ‘She believed she could, so she did.’ I wrote this quote in the front of my notebook for EVO Nation. For some reason- a reason I still cannot fathom- I knew EVO Nation was the book I was going to complete and self-publish. Before I had even written a word of the first draft, it was the one I had all my determination, motivation and inspiration focussed on.


I did! And I have since done it again and again.

Anytime self-doubt creeps in, I just dig out my original EVO Nation notebook and look at this quote. It’s hard to not find a sliver of self-belief when I know I have succeeded in something I only dreamed I could do.

Do you have a go to quote or practice to beat self-doubt? Can you pin point the moment your dreams started becoming reality?

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9 thoughts on “Self Belief”

  1. It’s cool that you can keep yourself motivated in that way. That’s a wonderful quote. 🙂

    Having depression, I’m naturally unmotivated, so the only thing that keeps me writing is that my protagonist, Kara, just won’t shut up. She keeps talking, and I feel like she’s just glaring at me until I write what she’s saying. It’s really kind of creepy. …for both of us, I think.

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    1. I know exactly what you mean. I’m always saying ‘my character’s won’t talk to me.’ or ‘they’re bossing me around’. My hubby thinks I’m insane.

      It’s great that your fab characters can motivate you. 🙂

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  2. I love that quote as well! I’m constantly trolling Pinterest for quotes whether for personal motivation or inspiration for a story. If I’m having particular trouble with a scene, I’ll go search for quotes to help me figure out what I’m trying to say. A lot of times they’re emotional or sad. I’m sure people who follow me on Pinterest much think I’m in the most up and down relationship on the planet. Nope. Just a writer.

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  3. What a great story. I love that quotation. I actually bought my mother a pencil case for mother’s day with those words inscribed on it!
    I love how you have something that you can return to when you’re doubting yourself!
    Not that you should ever doubt yourself! You have a beautiful talent of writing stories that are gripping, engaging and thought provoking ❤
    I feel like I still need a moment when I can say my dreams are real. Everything still feels intangible right now. So that's what's keeping me motivated. Needing to reach the point when I can finally feel accomplished 🙂
    Great post!


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