EVO Nation: Book One, EVO Shift

Finally Accepted the Proofs


After having trouble with createspace, I have finally received the proofs of EVO Nation series books one and two. There were some production issues with shoddy glue and loose pages which, fingers crossed, has been rectified. Createspace were quick to offer refunds and send new proofs, but it was a big worry. What if customers received books in such conditions? It can happen and has happened to people, but if anyone receives any less than perfect books from createspace, complain and you get sparkly new ones.

Anyway, on to the exciting bit. I have just approved the proofs. My paperbacks should appear on Amazon within 3-7 days. Here’s a little sneak peek of mine:


If you haven’t seen my update posts, then you may not have noticed that the covers have a different design. There were numerous factors involved in my decision to change the design, and after doing some research, I opted for the change. The eBooks also have been changed to match the paperbacks.

The cover for book three, EVO Ghost, is also complete and matches with the first two, but I am nowhere near release for that one. I shall share the cover nearer the time.

Now, I can feel like the series is fully completed when I publish EVO Ghost. The e-copies and paperbacks will be available, and I can be proud that I have a completed series on the market; something I never imagined!

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9 thoughts on “Finally Accepted the Proofs”

  1. Congratulations again! I’m so excited about these paperbacks. I keep checking on my Amazon but they don’t have them yet šŸ˜¦ But I know that the UK one does so worse comes to worse I guess I’ll be importing from the UK! Not that I mind! I would love to have these beauties in my shelf! And then when EVO Ghost is ready (whenever that is – and no pressure whatsoever) I’ll have the full trilogy ā¤
    You are such an inspiration, my dear! Just imagine what you'll feel when you finally have that trilogy published! It will be an amazing day I'm sure!

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  2. I think I already said this on Twitter, but the covers look great and work well as a series! I can’t wait to see the final one šŸ™‚
    You should be so proud of yourself, K! You’ve achieved an insane amount over the last few years!

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