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Ten Weeks, Ten Prompts, Ten Minutes #3 (Prompt Me Special)

The purpose of these writing exercises is to take a prompt a week for ten weeks and allow myself ten minutes to expand on it. All the prompts are taken from my writing prompt eBook: Prompt Me.

To check out my list of ten prompts, and maybe have a go yourself, follow this link.  Go with the flow, take the prompt literally, or just allow elements to inspire a totally different story. It is up to you.

The Prompt:

The moon is an engineered structure built for the purpose of observation. Someone or something has been watching us.

Standing in my garden on a crisp, clear night when the moon is big and fat, the settlements are clearly visible. They marr the surface of the moon as I remember it as a child, and sometimes in perfect conditions, lights are visible, twinkling upon the surface like glitter.

I still remember the day they came. The ‘outsiders’, as they were quickly dubbed by the media, told grand tales of two moons. They said that before there was any trace of humanity upon earth, they had discovered our tiny, innocent planet rotating around the sun with two moons, one of which controlled our dangerous tides. The other was half the size and hidden behind the larger.

The Outsiders were there to observe and explore back up planets for when the time came that their own planet failed them, but they claimed that another race of hostile aliens from a dying planet came to conquer our world. However, they met resistance from the Outsiders. There was a war and the main moon was destroyed in a last ditch attempt for the hostiles to take the earth. The smaller moon, the moon we see today, was left behind, settling our tides and terraforming our planet into the world we occupy. The Outsiders set up surveillance devices within our moon, and then left.

However, they came back. 2038 was the year of their return. Their sun was failing them, and a once healthy population had dwindled in wars or through starvation and solar flares. The few survivors- five hundred thousand in total- fled to our atmospheric world in search of safety and a new life.

At first they were welcomed, and their advanced technology was welcomed, but then came the power struggles. Humans took their technology and tried to turn it upon them. That’s what ignorance and fear can do- it can make rational minds do irrational things. The Outsiders have always been more advanced, more powerful, and they have and will always hold the upper hand. They are smarter than us in many ways; they knew that a war would only destroy a planet that both of our races depend on, so they offered a proposal. They wanted our moon. A fragile agreement was made, and the domed colonies have been upon the surface of the moon for the past fifteen years.


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