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Why Did This Draft Feel Easier??


As you may be aware, I have completed the first draft of Thrown to The Blue and it is having a little rest before I start the redraft. I’ve been thinking about this drafting process and why I found it so easy (much easier than my EVO Nation series.) Maybe there is a plethora of reasons, and this story just seeped from my pores, but as a pantser, I scrutinise my methods and techniques to try and better understand what suits my writing style.


More POVs

For the first time, I have written a draft in multiple POVs; two for the majority of the book, and three toward the end. It is unconventional to add a POV late on in the narrative, but I’m a rebel like that. Once my MCs had met the antagonist, Lyerdith, she got her own POV. I did this to add depth and hopefully lead into book two. This was a source of debate for me, but in the end, I liked being inside Lyerdith’s head, and her POV helped progress the narrative.

Shorter Chapters

Due to the multiple POVs, I was able to make the chapters shorter. Writing shorter chapters kept me thinking about the next step, and the next POV. This made the drafting that little bit easier. I had to get what I needed to say down in shorter intervals, which eliminated a certain amount of pointless rambling.


There is no denying that CampNaNo helped me no end. I hit my 30k target with the encouragement of my cabin mates. Feeling accountable for my word counts was a great motivator.

Letting Go

Everything about this draft was out of my comfort zone, yet I felt so at home. I allowed myself the freedom to explore POVs, time lines, and characters that blur the lines between good and bad. For the first time, I didn’t set myself an ideal deadline. I went in with the mindset that it will take as long as it takes. I’m still in the mindset in regards to the redraft and edits and it is a refreshing perspective for me. If I have to cut or rework during the redraft, then you know what, it’s all cool.


Do you have a particular drafting style that makes the process run smoother? Can you relate to any of the above?

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9 thoughts on “Why Did This Draft Feel Easier??”

  1. I’m currently in the middle of redrafting what can just about be considered a first draft. I found that just sitting down and cranking out 1000-2000 words ever night for about a month meant that I was able to push past the point I normally hit where everything seems to fall apart.
    I didn’t think about what I was writing, I just sat down and wrote a chapter, and then the next, and then the next, and even though half of the plot line is being completely reworked, I did have something to rework in the first place.

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  2. I’m excited for the multiple POVs you’ve got this time. I love reading from the antagonist’s POV, it adds so much! Knowing that my favourite characters are walking into a trap makes the read so much more tense!

    As you know I’m somewhere between a plotter and a pantser leading more towards the first (a plotster?), so my drafts are planned out as much as I can, and then I trust that my characters fill in the rest. It’s working out really well right now in my sequel, and it avoids getting stuck (mostly – can’t plan for everything) šŸ™‚

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    1. It was a struggle to decide whether to add Lyerdith’s POV so late on, but I think it has worked…I hope it has. She has a main POV in book two, so I felt it natural to introduce hers in book one.

      I’m glad you’re writing style is working out well for you. Characters definitely have a mind of their own.

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  3. It’s great that you reflect back on your writing process. I love how you’re using multiple povs!
    I like to plot out major points and character arcs before jumping into a story, though my stories often deviate wildly by the end, but that always helps me work through a draft. NaNoWriMo 2015 was a great help, to keep me on point!

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