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What’s Your Name? Writing Exercises A-Z Round Up

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It may have taken me much much longer than the twenty six weeks I had given myself, but I have finally completed my ‘What’s Your Name?’ writing exercise challenge.

I set myself the fun challenge of picking a random name from the first page of each letter in my naming book (a book I cherish for naming the characters in my novels). Then, I had to write a short piece using that name as a main character or sub character. Some of the exercises are stand alone, whilst others are linked together. And some weeks, I just plain cheated.

I thought I’d compile all twenty six into this post as a round up of what has proven to be a useful, creative exercise.

Letter A: Abbie

Letter B: Ballard

Letter C: Cadence

Letter D: Daire

Letter E: Eavan

Letter F: Fairley

Letter G: Gabrielle

Letter H: Haidee

Letter I: Ida

Letter J: Jack

Letter K: Kady

Letter L: Lacey

Letter M: Mackenzie

Letter N: Naomi

Letter O: Oakley

Letter P: Paige

Letter Q: Quentin

Letter R: Rae

Letter S: Sabine

Letter T: Tate

Letter U: Ulric

Letter V: Val

Letter W: Walburga

Letter X: Xena

Letter Y: Yasmin

Letter Z: Zadok

Thanks for all the likes, comments, and shares on these blog posts. Your encouragement has been amazing as usual.

thank you

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3 thoughts on “What’s Your Name? Writing Exercises A-Z Round Up”

  1. I love what you did with this, and if it turned into a useful exercise for you then that’s even better! I might borrow this idea if you don’t mind – I feel like my weekly writing prompts could use a change πŸ™‚


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