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Review: Parallel by Shana Chartier

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Parallel (Interactive Ramblings Book one) by Shana Chartier 2.5/5

13933315_1240179256033489_668307562_n.jpgAva has finally found true love with her boyfriend, Mason, and her life is absolutely perfect. Until one night, during a casual kayak ride, the two of them are pulled into a whirling vortex under a bridge, and Ava is thrown into another universe where unicorns and fairies exist in the human world. With her alternate-universe self, Avalon, and an annoying hunter named Hunter, Ava must find a way to get back through the portal and to Mason. She is able to access another portal with the help of a witch, but when Avalon and Hunter tag along, there’s no way of knowing where they’ll end up next.

Thanks to Rambunctious Ramblings Publishing Inc for giving me a free copy of this short story in exchange for my honest opinion.


A short story of just 10,000 words, easily read in one sitting. A good concept with vortexes, parallel universes, dopplegangers, fairies, unicorns, and the such. However, it seemed hard to capture the overall idea in so few words.

I liked Ava’s character as she is a tough cookie with a strong determination to find her boyfriend, Mason, who was also pulled through the vortex to the Parallel. The other characters felt a little cliche to me- especially Hunter. This may be due to this being a short story, and subsequently, character development fell a little by the wayside.

If you want a quick, light read with supernatural twists, then this is the story for you.

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