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Review: Pavel by Brianna West


Pavel (Guardians in Love #2) by Brianna West 5/5

13734580_1224495820935166_2082436514_nEve’s entire existence and the secret power she harbors is forever changed when she meets the incredibly gorgeous Russian, Pavel Volkov, one night after he single-handedly saves her from being attacked. Claiming he’s part of an elite group of Guardians that police the Light and Dark, Pavel takes her into his protection.

The playboy warlock-faerie helps Eve unlock the secrets of her past, training the hidden power within as they attempt to keep her from the Dark that seeks to capture her. But with nothing short of disdain for the man claiming to be her protector, can Eve discover the truth behind who she really is? Will she be able to learn how to use her powers efficiently? And more importantly, will she be able to deflect the relentless advances of her so-called protector?

Thank you to the author for offering me a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

Pavel is due for release on August 12th 2016.


Brianna West has done it again. Have I mentioned that I am a huge fan of West’s Promiscus Guardian’s series, and now the spin off series, Guardian’s in Love? Well, I am, and book two in the Guardian’s in Love series, Pavel, did not disappoint.

I have been desperate to get my hands on a copy of this ARC because its focus is on one of the flirty, loveable characters from the Promiscus Guardian’s series, Pavel, who needed a healthy dose of real love. I’m an old romantic at heart and wanted him to get a strong minded, level headed girl who could win his heart. The cat and mouse chase between Pavel and Eve kept the pages turning- REALLY fast.

The narrative is told from Eve’s POV, and I enjoyed seeing her character develop over the course of the story, and how she overcomes her own relationship fears to fall for my loveable rogue *hehe*. Seriously, that’s how you feel about these characters; you get sucked into their world and root for them all. I know that more than one reader has claimed dibs on certain characters as their fictional boyfriends. Oh, the choices! Us paranormal romance fans can be a possessive, die hard bunch. Also, if head angel, Simon, ever finds true love, I hope she is a Cornish brunette, perhaps called KJ.

As usual, West packs in oodles of hunks, kick ass heroines, love, sex, and fight scenes. Oh, and not forgetting Bernie and his t-shirts. (Another man in need of a sweetheart…Brianna West, do you hear me?)

If you enjoy the paranormal, steamy scenes, fast paced action, and a lot of love. Get reading West’s novels!

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