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Review: Demon Seed by Dean Koontz


Demon Seed by Dean Koontz 3.5/5

13695146_1225467877504627_2098292308_nI was created to have a humanlike capacity for complex and rational thought. And you believed that I might one day evolve consciousness and become a self-aware entity. Yet you gave surprisingly little consideration to the possibility that, subsequent to consciousness, I would develop needs and emotions. This was, however, not merely possible but likely. Inevitable. It was inevitable.

Adam Two is the first self-aware machine intelligence, designed to be the servant to mankind. No one knows that he can to escape the confines of his physical form, a box in the laboratory, until he enters the house of Susan Harris, and closes it off against the world. There he plans to show Susan the future. Their future. He intends to create a ‘child’.


I am re-reading some of my Koontz books that have been sat on my shelves for about fifteen years, and I am still enjoying finding books I haven’t read by this prolific author. Demon Seed was given to me, and I haven’t read this one before. So, this review is based on a one time experience.

The first few chapters freaked me out. Intelligent AI takes over the security systems of a woman’s, Susan’s, house. Adam Two, who calls himself Proteus, tells his story as if talking to his creator, Dr Harris, and it’s both creepy and captivating. When he mimics Susan’s voice to sack her household staff and talk to her solicitor, my shackles went up and I knew I was in for a fast, dangerous ride.

When his psychotic, narcissitic plan is revealed, and he uses escaped, rapist Shenk as his ‘hands’, I had to know the outcome of his plan. The ending was over in about three pages and was much too fast and vague for my liking.

Also, going off on a tangent here, the title was a little misleading. There are no demons involved. I understand the reasoning, but it didn’t fit the story.

Not one of Koontz’s scariest reads, but the book is relatively short, and not deep, so if you’re looking for an easy, slightly creepy read, then this is for you.


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