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What’s Your Name? Letter U

If you have been following my writing exercises from Q and onward, you’ll know that I took a little break from completing the story of ‘communications’. I had ARCs to read and review, and life has been hectic. So, knowing that CampNaNo was coming up, I scheduled this post ahead of time.

To catch up on the previous installments (it won’t take more than a few minutes), follow these links:

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The ‘U’ name I had chosen in advance, but still at random is:

Ulric: A masculine first name meaning ‘wolf power’. (Old English)

I thought I’d explore the medium of text messages to create an engaging narrative. This whole process of creating tension and a captivating narrative through various communications has been an eye opener. You should try it!

Text Message Correspondance between Ulric Dower and Rae Matthews

Rae Matthews 21.03pm : The leak has revealed theirself. An office jockey in the transport dept of the T.D.E.D. Relatively unknown to us- Valentine ‘Val’ Grimley. Not clocked in for work since the 28th. House appears abandoned. In depth look at his home PC and laptop show that he is a competent hacker. Using secure passcodes he has been researching the Tait Edmond’s file, and the classified files regarding 1983’s crash.

Ulric Dower 21.05pm : Any connection to Quinn Pollern or his mother? Family member? School friend?

Rae Matthews 21.06pm: No history. With his skills, no doubt he wiped any trace of himself from us.

Ulric Dower 21.10pm: No one is squeaky clean. Have your men look into newspaper archives, birth registries throughout the UK- further afield if necessary. Get men on the ground on this one. You just haven’t looked under the right stone, yet.

Rae Matthews 21.13pm: Yes, Sir. I will be in touch as soon as we find something.

Ulric Dower 21.45pm: Matthews, could a hacker of Grimley’s experience bypass our security and screening procedures during the interview process? Change lab results?

Rae Matthews 21.47pm: It is possible, but there will be documented, paper evidence of any anomalies found upon screening within the archives. The technician’s still cover their backs the old fashioned way.

Ulric Dower 21.49pm: Get yourself to the archives. I’ll meet you there in 20.

Rae Matthew 21.51pm: Getting in the car now. About five minutes away from HQ. What should I be looking for, Sir?

Ulric Dower 10.01pm: Anything to suggest that Grimley’s DNA screening was less than ordinary.


Content belongs to KJ.Chapman

6 thoughts on “What’s Your Name? Letter U”

  1. What a fantastic idea to use text messages as a medium. The back and forth between the two really is a fascinating way to build tension!
    I might have to take you up on the suggestion and try for myself πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Text messages are so frequently used nowadays that I couldn’t avoid it.

      I’m sporadic with my writing exercises at the moment, but I will eventually get to ‘Z’. πŸ˜‰


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