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Writing Therapy


I’m writing this post after finishing a particularly personal part of my new WIP, Thrown to The Blue. Writing my own experience into my work was surprisingly easy and therapeutic. I’ve written a blog post before about writing in first person and how we don’t merely project; as writers we draw from similar experiences and thoughts to create realism. I needed to do that today, and then some, as my main character has gone through something personal to me, and I got a chance to write my feelings out.

I didn’t just drop it into the narrative for the sake of it. It was always planned and necessary to my character’s development, but it was something I was apprehensive about writing. I needn’t have been because it came easily and I’m pleased with the chapter.

I’ve been writing my ‘Heart Voice’ posts from personal experience and they have been well received. Seeing my thoughts written down isn’t as weird as I thought it would be. I never thought of writing as therapy before, but I guess it always has been.


Do you think there is a fine line between weaving our experiences in narrative and merely projecting? Are you wary about writing personal experiences into your narrative? If so, for what reason?

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4 thoughts on “Writing Therapy”

  1. I haven’t written any personal experiences into my books yet, but I doubt it can be helped. The words come from a place deep inside us, so it makes sense that sometimes more personal things slip out – even if it is unintentional 🙂

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  2. While I haven’t written about any personal experience, I am aware that a lot of my characters deal with issues that I deal with even if the situations and obstacles aren’t the same. I use writing to understand myself, but always in ways that can be accessible to others as well. Hope that makes sense 🙂

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