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Review: 13 Minutes by Sarah Pinborough


13 Minutes by Sarah Pinborough 4/5

13650518_1220446014673480_1117847994_nI was dead for 13 minutes.

I don’t remember how I ended up in the icy water but I do know this – it wasn’t an accident and I wasn’t suicidal.

They say you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but when you’re a teenage girl, it’s hard to tell them apart. My friends love me, I’m sure of it. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t try to kill me. Does it?

Thanks to Orion Publishing Group and Netgalley for giving me a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

13 Minutes is due for release on July 14th 2016.


The narrative kicks off with Natasha’s lifeless body being dragged from a freezing river by an unsuspecting dog walker. She technically dies, and stays dead for 13 minutes, but has a miracle recovery. Natasha cannot remember anything leading up to her accident, but Pinborough creates suspense though POVs that involve Natasha’s current friends, and an ex-friend Becca. Engaging narrative, text exchanges, diary excerpts, and sessons with her shrink, all have the reader wondering what actually happened that night? Who is to blame? And why would anyone want Natasha dead?

I thoroughly enjoyed Tasha as a complex character- that ending! *No spoilers*. Although she is a ‘Barbie’, she is incredibly self-aware. I totally believed her whole character arc.  That being said, I probably wouldn’t have gotten along with Becca in real life, but I wasn’t a fan of Becca as a character either. I think she is the misunderstood, punky emo, who was mistreated by so called friends, and we were supposed to rally for her- like her even. I didn’t. Becca was contradictory, sometimes rude and mean, and very self absorbed. Teens, eh? Don’t get me wrong, Becca was supposed to come across as such, but I personally found it difficult to rally for her at the end, hence my 4* rating.

You are continually left thinking that you are missing something, but in a good way. Nothing seems to fully add up until the end, and you quickly discover that any ideas you may have had were totally wrong. Slow paced, but a great ending and well thought out narrative.

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