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CampNaNoWriMo July


So, I’m late signing up, but I bit the bullet and did it this morning. I’m camping as of tomorrow. Are any of my fellow writers camping in July? Let me know. I’m interested in joining some encouraging, fun cabins.

I’ve set my target at 25k for the month as I have a lot of Mummy duties in July with it being the last month of school before the 6 week holidays- sports day, Race for Life, Induction days etc etc. But 25k would see my first draft of Thrown to The Blue nearly finished. You never know I might smash my target, but I made it achievable and I’m happy with that.

Any CampNaNo tips? If you are signed up give me a shout.


8 thoughts on “CampNaNoWriMo July”

  1. It’s my first time. I know how the mommy duties go, my goal is at 20,000. Our cabin is full at the moment, but we may very well have a “dropout,” so if you’re interested, I could let you know by tomorrow?

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  2. Good luck with reaching your goal of 25k words for Thrown to the Blue. I was going to sign up for Camp NaNo this month, but I forgot all about it and now I think it’s best I just work through my projects as is and aim for doing NaNoWriMo in November.
    Again, best of luck ❤


    1. I will probably join in November as well. So far this experience is going great. I’m in a fab cabin- phew! I have upped my goal to 30k because I’m insane, but I’m on target at the moment. 😉

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