Fifty Blog Post Ideas For Writers

This reblog couldn’t have come at a better time. Another friend of mine is looking at setting up a blog and has asked me for some basic post ideas to get her started.

The following list has 50 post ideas- some I have done, some I haven’t. Yes, they may not be original, but it is up to each writer/ blogger to bring something new to the table.

Writerly Bookish Stuff

I have had a request for blog post ideas from a friend and fellow writer who wants to start up their own blog, and build a web platform for themselves and their debut novel. I have been compiling a list of both writing related and personal post ideas since I started blogging, and I am more than happy to share:

  1. Introduction post: about you, your passions, your goals.
  2. A day in the life.
  3. Quotes of the week/ day/ month.
  4. Tip share: share tips you use when writing.
  5. Book reviews.
  6. Word count updates: show your progress on your current work.
  7. Writing space: describe/ photograph your writing space.
  8. Sneak Peeks: What’s in your handbag? What’s in the boot of your car? What’s in your fridge?
  9. Interview a fellow blogger.
  10. Be interviewed by a fellow blogger.
  11. Interview a professional on a topic you want to discuss.
  12. First chapter of your novel: drum up some…

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