Dialogue Heavy: Is That a Problem?

My second reblog of the week covers something that is still a source of self doubt for me- dialogue heavy novels. Have a gander and let me know what you think on the topic.

Happy reading.

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Is a dialogue heavy novel a problem? For me, the answer has always been- no. I enjoy dialogue if it’s well written, and I equally enjoy writing dialogue. I get to know my characters from their spoken exchanges; their favourite cuss words, slang terms, and their use of body language in the dialogue tags. I thoroughly enjoy creating their tone and use of vocabulary.

I think it is a reflection of your writing style, and the kind of writer you are. If dialogue is your strong point, then you may tend to veer on the heavy dialogue side, or vice versa. I don’t agree with blathering dialogue that offers nothing to the narrative, but well written, purposeful dialogue can not be a bad thing, right?

Let me know your opinions, as this topic has been the root of many a self-doubt episode during my writing journey. Dialogue heavy novels- yay or nay?

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10 thoughts on “Dialogue Heavy: Is That a Problem?”

  1. I tend to get put off by heavy dialogue. On the other hand, toi little will usually turn into a snooze fest for me :). Last week, I read a book that was 100% dialogue, and while I was cringing my toes at first, it turned out to be fabulous! I guess it just all depends on the story, how appropriate it is, and the quality of the dialogues itself. Sometimes, I come across stuff which reminds me of me playing with my Barbies when I was little…

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    1. Wow, a 100% dialogue book- I must find some of those.

      I agree, the dialogue has to feel believable and not stilted. I like reading heavy dialogue, but only if it’s done well, and useful to the narrative 🙂

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  2. It depends on the book and how the writer handles it! I’ve just finished Six of Crows which had quite a lot of dialogue and I loved it! It definitely helped the narrative along and I got a better feeling for the different characters.

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