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Review: Unknown by Phil Price

Unknown by Phil Price


Every year across the world thousands of people disappear.
Many return home safe and well. Some are never found. A select few end up far from home, harvested by two feuding brothers who need their blood.
How on Earth can this happen?
It doesn’t happen on Earth.


Many POV’s in different eras that could be made into novels in their own right, but the more you read, the more you realise that all the stories are intricately linked through Vampires, mystical doorways to others planes/universes/worlds, and a need to harvest human blood.

Price does a brilliant job at weaving a multitude of tales with many characters and POV’s into a master story. The world building is not so far-fetched that it is unbelievable, yet has a mystery and a sense that appeals to the fantasy/ sci-fi/ horror geek in me. The narrative and characters are in keeping with the different time eras, and in turn adds to the believability of the novel as a whole.

A new spin on the Vampire genre by throwing in a splash of sci-fi, and I appreciated that it wasn’t ‘scary’ in the conventional sense. The thriller and mystery side to the narrative is what kept the pages turning. So, if you don’t want too much gore, but are interested in a cleverly woven Vampiric tale, then this is the book for you.

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