Writing Exercises

What’s Your Name? Letter S

These writing exercises (I have dubbed them ‘communications’) shall continue right through to Letter Z. In some instances, I’m having to pre-pick the names, but it is still done randomly and from the first page of each letter in my naming book.

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Today’s name is:

Sabine: A French and German feminine form of Sabina, meaning Sabine Woman.

Hand Delivered Letter to Sabine Leeder

Dear Sabine Leeder

You do not know me, but I know your brother in law. I know he has been in touch with you, and I know you have remained in regular contact with him. You are expecting your nephew and sister to visit you, and you may be wondering how I know all of this- I know this because the people he is running from, the people he wants to protect his family from, also know this. Tell him to NOT use the postal system again- foolish error.

The T.D.E.D are setting up a task force to ambush your brother in law and nephew at your residence. This letter is my only way to communicate. Tell him that I will secure his family, and that the both of you must get out of town and lie low. Meet me at his mother’s true home at noon in two days time- 31st. He’ll know where I mean.

Destroy this letter ASAP.

A concerned friend.

Content belongs to KJ.Chapman


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