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What’s Your Name? Letter R

Continuing from Monday’s ‘Letter Q’ post, I have prepared another letter, this time in the form of a memo. You may find that this story will carry on past the three letter communications I had planned as I’m finding the different characters intriguing.

Read Monday’s letter here to catch up on the story so far: Letter Q

Today’s ‘R’ name randomly selected from the first ‘R’ page of my naming book is:

Rae: Scottish surname, perhaps from Gaelic ‘Rath’- grace, used as a masculine and feminine first name.

Internal Memo to Rae

Rae Matthews,

I have been informed that Tait Edmonds has been spotted on CCTV in a post office in a small village in Hertfordshire. If this information is correct we need to act fast. I need you to find the date and time he used the postal service, what he sent, and whether there is a record of the address he has sent it to. This is the best lead we have had of late, and may lead us to Edmonds’ son. If your informant is right, then Edmonds is aware of our sudden interest in his previous life, and we need to get to that boy before he does. If we can’t get to the father, then the boy is the next best thing. If nothing else, it will inevitably draw Edmonds out of hiding.

I’m sure you’ll agree that discretion is required until we find the leak within our organisation, but I have every faith in you.

Ulric Dower (Head of T.D.E.D)

This message will erase within thirty seconds of opening.

Content belongs to KJ.Chapman

4 thoughts on “What’s Your Name? Letter R”

  1. Another glorious short! I love the suspense you built in this one and the concept of it erasing itself! I have to agree with Al. I would definitely read an epistolary novel if ever you wrote one!
    Thanks for sharing ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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