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Bulk Review: The Dare. Doctrine of Indecency. A Baby at the Beach Cafe.

This is a slightly different review to my usual- today, you get three in one! Two of the books are quick reads, and the third is a collection of short stories by erotic romance, indie authors. As the stories are short, I thought my reviews would have been short, so I’m doing a combo to save time.


The Dare by John Boyne 3.5/5

The narrative is told from Danny’s perspective, a boy whose mother accidentally knocks over a child, and whose family starts to unravel over the course of the summer from the events of that day. Boyne captures the emotions of the situation through the eyes of a young boy and makes it believable. He weaves a tale of consequence, and how one action can affect the lives of so many. A 102 page quick read.

Doctrine of Indecency by various authors 3/5

This book was quite a mix of erotic romance stories with varying sub-genres. I have to admit that my favourites veered toward the paranormal, sci-fi, and fantasy genres. There was also quite a mix of talent. Some stories were well written and absorbing, whilst others were not. I definitely wouldn’t have picked the first story to lead the book as it was far from the strongest.

My favourite stories were:

  • Pleasure Bite by Brianna West
  • Suicide Mission by Lila Vale

This ebook is FREE from Amazon! Check it out for some captivating, saucy tales.

A Baby at the Beach Cafe by Lucy Diamond 4/5

Told from the perspective of two women- Evie: pregnant and resistant to hand over her role as manager in her beach cafe while she has a baby, and Helen: who moved to Cornwall with her husband for the good life, but is now in need of purpose.

A lovely quick read, set in my home- Cornwall. Lucy Diamond is a fantastic story teller, making the art effortless. I am now a Lucy Diamond fan and shall be soaking up all of her work from now on.

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