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Confession Time


I haven’t written more than 2700k on EVO Ghost in four weeks! Yep, a whole month with just 2700k. It’s not like I’ve been working on other projects, I’ve literally written 2700k in a month. (Notes not included, of course.) Writing up renewed character notes took days to complete.

Everything written has been by hand, and I found my flow a little. I shall pick up where I left off on the pen and paper drafting. I have some big things planned for EVO Ghost- one of them… finishing the draft haha.

I have, however, read and reviewed seven books in the same month, so no time was wasted. Inspiration just wasn’t rushing through me at all, and even my writing exercises fell by the wayside even more than they already have. Instead, I threw myself into reading the works of many talented and inspiring people in hopes that some of that inspiration would rub off on me. I’m happy to say it has.


I had a funny vision this morning of my characters sat around playing cards, waiting for me to come back. I hope it’ll be a warm welcome…

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6 thoughts on “Confession Time”

  1. I’m glad that reading other books has helped to inspire you. I know that it happens many times that some great fantasy novels help me to find new motivation as well 🙂
    Love the image of your characters waiting. I’m sure some of them were relieved to be free of your power for a little 😉
    Best of luck ❤

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  2. Haha, I loved that you pictured them all playing cards together 😀 I bet they wish they had the time for it!
    You say 2,700 like it’s a small count, but it’s so much more than many other writers manage in a month! It may not be as much as you hoped for, but there are other parts to writing the book that need doing, too, and you *have* been busy! It’s a good count, K! 🙂

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