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My Time Jump Hack


It’s happening. There is going to be a time jump in EVO Ghost. I have had conflicting advice on adding a time jump to my narrative, but in the end I thought , ‘a time jump will make me happy, and I write to make me happy’. I do feel it benefits the story for numerous reasons, and cuts out mundane routine that would be present if I mosied on through; first person present tense can be a little tricky that way.

imagesNow, I know I’ve got a lot of work to do to pull the time jump off, but I know I can do it, and make it beneficial to the narrative.

I’ve already discovered one hack that has been great for getting back into the headspace of all the main and secondary characters- renewed character notes!

I am focussing on each character separately, not solely thinking about them in terms of their relationship toward my MC, but in terms of where their heads are at. What has happened during the time jump? How did the situation at the end of book two affect them? Where do they fit in the new world? This practice in itself is great for inspiring narrative developments and plot twists. Some people have changed for the better, others for the worse, some tug on my heart strings. At least I know where to go with the narrative and character development.

Have you ever written a time jump into your narrative? Did it work? Did it prove harder than imagined?

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8 thoughts on “My Time Jump Hack”

  1. ‘a time jump will make me happy, and I write to make me happy’

    That’s the spirit! 🙂

    I’ve only done one time jump, and that was between my first and second novels. I put in a four-year gap so that my protagonist could get into her twenties, and so her mentee had a chance to get into her late teen years. Essentially, I wanted there to be enough time for them to grow together so that when I wrote them interacting with each other in the second book, I could have that short history between them and have them know each other in more detail than they know someone who they’ve just met.

    That said, I’ve recently written a kind of post-credits scene onto the end of my third book (Marvel’s influence, yo!). The scene hints that a certain amount of time has gone by since the final page. So I guess we could call that a time jump.

    Anyway, I’m glad you’ve found a path (with the time jump) that you’re excited about implementing. It’s better to enjoy what you’re writing than to trudge through it.

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  2. Glad that you finally made the decision and that you did it based on your own heart and no one else’s. It makes it the best choice 🙂
    Best of luck pulling it off. I have no doubt that you can ❤


    1. I was really stumped with what to do, but if I don’t jump then readers will be stuck with Teddie’s mundane training ritual, and I need to have Teddie away from the others for something important to happen ;)- no spoilers.


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