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Review: Storm in Shanghai by JM.Bush

Storm in Shanghai (Mage Father Series Book One) by JM.Bush 4/5

Blurb: In modern day China, an American expat leads a law enforcement team of Mages and Wizards, whose sole purpose is to keep Magic hidden from the ordinary world. One morning, Jaret King finds Shanghai facing the return of the most deadly magical terrorist in history, a monster who has long been thought dead. Jaret must now continue to keep the secret of Magic concealed from all Regs, including his wife, while attempting to stop this monstrosity − known only as the MAELSTROM − from murdering thousands more innocent people. Of course, once he discovers the motivation driving this violent lunatic, Jaret may have to step in and help complete the Maelstrom’s plan. But if so, at what cost?

JM.Bush gave me a copy of his novel in exchange for my honest review on this blog.

My Review:

Mages are born, but Wizards are trained from spell tomes. Simple, right? Not quite. The history between both groups is strained, and in present times, although working together to regulate magic laws, they’re still walking the thin line of all out war. The reason is … no spoilers… a twisted shocker.

The book flits from the main character, Jaret’s, first person present tense, to the antagonist, Maelstrom’s, story written in third person past tense. The transitions seemed to work, and offers addition background story.

I liked Jaret’s character- stuck between a rock and a hard place, but still trying to be rational and make the right choices. I didn’t fully believe he could maintain his home life the way he did, but that was relieved with another shock revelation that eased the whole situation. I’m a fan of the ol’ plot twists.

My favourite character was the antagonist, Maelstrom. He’d be an anti-hero of sorts. I fully understood why he was doing what he was doing. I found myself rooting for him sometimes- is that perverse- it is, isn’t it?

The book felt long, but otherwise was a solid, fantasy read. I’d definitely recommend this series!

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