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ARC Review: Dawning by Brianna West

I have had the great pleasure of reading an ARC of Dawning by Brianna West. I have been patiently waiting for this book, book three in the Promiscus Gaurdians series, and I was not disappointed.

Check out my reviews of the first two books in the series here: Awakening and Metamorphosis. West also has a spin off series, Guardians in Love. Check out my review of the first book in the series here: Victor.

Dawning (Promiscus Guardians Series Book Three) by Brianna West 5/5


Izzy and Lucas have been through quite the ordeal over the last year: chased down by demons, hunted by Dark angels, and sought after by a sadistic, gorgeous mother-in-law. Now they’re back, and there’s a lot of loose ends to tie up. Like the army of juiced up toddlers, the flamboyant villain, and the sociopath, Mother Dearest. Not to mention, it’s now their sole duty to seek the help of the seven kings in the In-Between realm, which sounds easier than it is.

Dawning follows Izzy as she is once again the woman of the hour, the woman who can bring the realms together, the woman with that special something-something that everyone, including her vindictive, crazy mother-in-law, are working tirelessly to capture. Being special never felt like so much work. Saving the world was never something Izzy planned to do, but she’ll have to if she doesn’t want the mortal world to end, or any others for that matter.

My Review:

The fight against the dark stepped up a notch in this book. On top of sadistic kings from other realms, demon kids, dark angels, and evil mother in laws, there are dragons- yep, dragons! The action in this book was brilliantly paced and allows the main character, Izzy, to up her game, kick ass, and prove to her Vampire- Angel Beau, Lucas, that she is one tough cookie.

The relationship dynamic between Izzy and Lucas is tested in book three and for the better. Izzy, who has been in a constant power struggle with protective, but loving Lucas, has more than one opportunity to prove herself capable, and there are positive relationship developments in that respect. I was fist pumping the air like, ‘you go girl’ and ‘about time, but way to go, Lucas!’

There is a third wheel in the relationship and that story line tugged at my heart strings more than a little. I hope the third wheel can find happiness in book four. It will make my heart happy. The usually fun loving, slightly perverse, but equally adorable character is pining, and my heart aches for them. That’s what I call great character development.

Now, for the bit that I know everyone is interested in- the steamy romance. Ho ho ho, does it spice up to another level or does it spice up to another level?! It wouldn’t be a paranormal romance with out the paranormal and the romance, right? There are more hunky men for Izzy to ogle, and West makes light work of the steamy scenes between Izzy and Lucas. You want to know more? Then, get the book!

In summary, another brilliantly woven tale with the right dose of action, paranormal, and hotties. What more could you want? My favourite paranormal series of 2016!

Dawning is available for pre-order:  preorder your copy here. Release date: 29th April 2016.

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1 thought on “ARC Review: Dawning by Brianna West”

  1. Thank you so much for this amazing review. It’s always a splendid day when I read what you have to say, and I was elated to know that you enjoyed the new book as much as you did.


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