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My EVO Ghost Hiatus

If you saw my post about the idea bomb I had, then you will know I concentrated my writing efforts on that new idea and set EVO Ghost aside. I wrote 12k in four days on the new project- 12k that could have been put into EVO Ghost.

I thought I’d feel guilty for not concentratng my efforts on my current WIP, but it was actually very liberating. Focussing on new characters, introducing myself to them, and creating a new world was refreshing. After all, I have been writing Teddie’s story, and the story of EVO, for the past 2 years. I deserved a break away from them.


Someone asked me if I was getting bored of them because I was throwing myself into the new project. My answer- NO! I love my characters and my narrative. If I found it boring I’d take it as a huge sign that my whole manuscript was boring. Things won’t go well if the author is yawning, right?

But now I’m back at it! All of a sudden, I had the biggest urge to go back and finish Teddie’s story. It has only been four days, but I feel like we’ve had a breather and can get back to it. I’m raring to go, and at least I have 12k of words to play with on the other project when the time feels right.

Have any of you taken time away from a series? Did you find it beneficial? I’d love to know.


7 thoughts on “My EVO Ghost Hiatus”

  1. I got the same thing when I started writing novel #2. The first was being beta read and they started making comments like “I’m sure you’re not interested in editing because you’re so excited about #2 but…” and I was all NO! I’m just as interested!

    Getting distance from our work is SO important for making them as good as they can be that I think the *best* thing we can do is concentrate on something else for a few weeks.

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  2. That sounds wonderful, I’m glad it was so beneficial to you! I haven’t spent this much time on a new project and away from my trilogy, but every now and again new ideas pop in which are really exciting. I’m only just now starting to write the draft for Book 2 mind you, so perhaps after that 😉 If it happens, it happens! You can’t argue with results! 🙂

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  3. Sometimes a break is exactly what you need to help you rejuvenate your perspective and creativity! In the past I’ve often worked between two or three different stories at a time with always one as my priority.
    I’m glad you found new inspiration for EVO Ghost, but I’m also excited for your new story. You have so many amazing tales to tell. I’m eagerly awaiting every one ❤
    Best of luck with your WIP.

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    1. Thank you. I haven’t actually written anything on EVO Ghost in the last week, but I’ve been formatting the rest of the series for paperback- eekk. I will get back to EVO ghost soon, and I’m sure the break will have helped 🙂

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