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A New Blogging Milestone


I’m overwhelmed to say the least. I have just reached my 200 followers milestone! There are 200 of you gorgeous people following my little ol’ blog, and I’m so grateful to you all.

A friendly introduction for my new followers, and some of you oldies (you know who you are. you’re part fo the furniture now):

6tag_091215-185819This is me- crazy eyes, cheesy grin, and all! My name is Kayleigh, but my pen name is K.J.Chapman. I am a twenty nine year old, wife, and mother of one. Oh yeah, and I like to write- a lot!

If I’m not writing, I’m blogging, reading, and reviewing. I particularly enjoy reading obscure ebooks, and reviewing them with hopes to bring them into the mainstream. Us authors have to help each other out, right?

I have self-published three eBooks on Amazon Kindle: two science fiction and urban fantasy novels, and one writing prompt book.

My books:

EVO Nation Series- book one & two:

EVO Nation Blurb:

The government tortures her, her own kind uses her, and she is learning the true meaning of ulterior motives. Teddie Leason has been dragged into the festering underbelly of the secretive world of EVO. A world about to be blown wide apart.

Now, the reclusive teenager who couldn’t get upset without her unruly ability causing destruction has to somehow embrace her gift to save her new friends and her new love.

Will the actions of one man fuel a suppressed, supremacist society’s thirst for war and vengeance, or will Teddie be strong enough to stop him?

EVO Shift Blurb:

She killed him, but did it make a difference?

Her kind has been exposed, abused, and segregated, and now Teddie Leason is top of Britain’s most wanted list at just nineteen. Teddie has to decide whose side she is on, what she fights for, and whether it’s worth her life.

How can she protect the man she adores, the Uncle who has taken her under his wing, and her unfaltering friends, when she can barely take care of herself? Dealing with new power and a history that has long since been forgotten, has rendered the world’s most powerful EVO vulnerable and at risk.

When will she be dealt a winning hand? Could a clandestine, renegade group of EVO change not only her fate, but that of everyone affected by this unprecedented war? And how does Teddie fit in a world bracing for a shift of unfathomable magnitude?

Prompt Me: 150 Writing Prompts For Beating The Block

Prompt Me(1)Blurb: We have all stared at a blank screen or notepad, willing the inspiration to come. Not only is this the most frustrating, infuriating, time wasting thing that can happen to a writer, it is also avoidable. Whether, you need to beat the block, take a breather from your current work in progress, or just harness your inner creativity, writing exercises are the way forward. Take a prompt, give yourself a time allowance, and create.

I feature short stories and writing exercises on this blog, and my love of writing prompts is apparent. So, I thought to myself, why not compile my prompts into an ebook for all to enjoy? That’s exactly what I did, and I even threw in a couple of short stories featured on this blog.

Connect with me:






Thank you for your continued support! I am grateful to be part of such a great blogging community.

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