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EVO Ghost: Writing Playlist

Creating a playlist for the drafting process of each novel is a big thing of mine. Music helps set tone, pace, and emotion to name a few. Sometimes, you only know what you’re thinking, or what you want to write, once you’ve listened to a certain song. Click the links to listen to the playlists for EVO Nation and EVO Shift.

My drafting playlist for EVO Ghost:

Yes, I love Sia!

I need to just add that the opening lines to’Fight Song’ gave me actual goosepimples. ‘Like a small boat in the ocean, sending big waves into motion.’ EVO Nation readers will understand my being in awe of this line considering the start of book one. Such a perfect summary!

There is a story here: 30/30-150 was the song I was listening to when EVO Nation was just a seed of an idea many years ago. I think this song could have set the tone for the whole series. EVO Nation series readers, what do you reckon?



5 thoughts on “EVO Ghost: Writing Playlist”

  1. Loving this playlist!! It is getting me extremely excited for EVO Ghost.
    Sia is a staple on my own WIP playlist at the moment (and my running one for that matter too). Stone Sour is a group I recently stumbled upon and Through the Glass is such a great piece. I love it 🙂
    Thanks for sharing ❤

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    1. Sia is amazing and perfect for a muse. All the songs I chose either set tone or have perfect lyrics. Fight song shocked me with how PERFECT the lyrics are!

      I love Stone Sour. I hope you find more of their songs to enjoy. 🙂

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