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The Series Finale: Plotting Not Plotting

I’m a pantser. It’s how writing rolls for me. If I plot, I force my character’s to fit the narrative and not vice versa. I enjoy character development and this goes to shit if I’m not letting them develop organically. This is just my experience and how I get my drafts finished, but I have to admit that I’m having to partake in some minor ‘plotting’ for the series finale.

After two books with massive progressions in the narrative, it’s understandable that I have a vision/direction, but it’s my characters who have shown me that vision along the way. Book three, the series finale, is a culmination of every vision, narrative arc, character arc, sub plot, plot twist- ahhhhhh.


I’ve had to ‘plot but not plot’. I’ve written timelines of loose ends, lists of character’s histories that interest me, brainstormed ‘possible’ scenarios, but there I draw the line. As long as I have a visual list to refer to to make sure nothing gets forgotten, I think I will be alright. Bullet points, but no further descriptions is the way forward for this author. I can’t have too much plotted in my mind or on paper for fear of everything I have stated above not coming together.

I’ll let you know how I get on…


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6 thoughts on “The Series Finale: Plotting Not Plotting”

  1. Best of luck with plotting not plotting 🙂 I hope that the experience of writing your last book is smooth and full of fun! Remember to enjoy yourself on the journey! Your characters have been true to you thus far; I’m sure they won’t lead you astray 🙂

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  2. Good luck! I plot in a similar way, I think. I know all/some of the big, important things that need to happen, but I let my characters get there on their own, and if they chose to walk in a different direction along the road I let them.
    Hope plotting not plotting goes well!

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