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The Playlist Shuffle Tag


A massive thank you to Claire over at Art and Soul for tagging me in the Playlist Shuffle Tag, and for the great EVO Shift release date shout out. I’m more than a little keen to partake in this tag. I love the idea of having a peek at what my fellow blogger’s have on their playlists because I am nosey like that. Check out Claire’s playlist here.

The rules of this tag:

Put your music playlist on shuffle and list the first 15 songs to play (no cheating), then tag 10 others to do it as well.

I am going to use my Youtube playlist for this tag, so here it goes:

  1. My Chemical Romance: Desolation Row
  2. Panic! At The Disco: Emperor’s New Clothes
  3. Muse: Psycho
  4. Paloma Faith: Picking Up The Pieces
  5. ACDC: Thunderstruck
  6. Newton Faulkner: She’s Got The Time
  7. Jamie T: Sticks and Stones
  8. John Newman: Losing Sleep
  9. Artic Monkeys: Mardy Bum
  10. Rihanna: Russian Roulette
  11. Lady Gaga: You and I
  12. Ella Henderson: Yours
  13. Eminem: Space Bound
  14. Ray Lamontagne: Trouble
  15. Frank Turner: Heartless Bastard Motherfucker

Some of these songs are on my playlist because they’re my favourites, some because they have been inspiration for my EVO Nation Series.

The rules say to tag 10 others, but I have seen quite a few of my blogging community have already been tagged in this tag before. If my tags have been tagged already- oh well.

My Tags:

I look forward to having a sneaky peek at your playlists. Have fun!

11 thoughts on “The Playlist Shuffle Tag”

  1. You and I is one of my favourite Gaga tracks. Just love it!

    I’m so glad you could do this tag. I’m nosey too and it’s fun to see what everyone else is listening to. I thought it would be particularly interesting for writers because I’m sure almost everyone is inspired by music in some way.

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  2. Got to love Gaga! I feel like I haven’t listened to some of these songs in ages, and now they’re stuck in my head! A couple were writing inspiration, so it’s nice to reminisce πŸ™‚ One of them is my new muse of the moment, and will be featured in a blog post shortly.


  3. Thank you for the tag. It was fun to do!
    Was nice to see your playlist, was fun to see My Chemical Romance, Panic! At the Disco and ACDC in there. Great for listening to in relaxation and for inspiration when writing.
    Do you have a go to band for when you write? Or a song you must listen to? Be interesting to hear πŸ™‚

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    1. No worries- I’m always interested to hear what writers are listening to. I have a blog post on Sunday with my new muse of the moment- it is one of the 15!!! I listen to an eclectic mix when writing. It’s more about the lyrics and tone than anything else πŸ™‚

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  4. Love so many of these songs πŸ™‚ You and I, Russian Roulette! And your artists: Muse, Panic!, ACDC, Ray Lamontagne & Paloma Faith!! I adore Paloma so much! Only Love Can Hurt Like This is constantly paying on my iPod ❀
    Love how different music inspires us!

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