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EVO Shift Editing Update #1

My draft of EVO Shift has been sitting untouched for the past eight days and I couldn’t refrain from editing any longer. It has been hard to leave it and I had to distract myself with the usual means- Netflix, Pinterest, and reading. I know some writers like to leave their first drafts to sit for much longer, but it has been seven months in the making for me, so I have pretty much not seen the first chapters in just as long.

So, how do I start my editing process? 

Highlighting! I don’t print out my work. All editing happens on screen, and I have quite ritualistic methods for the beginning of my editing process. I re-read my entire draft, marking anything to keep in one colour, and anything I don’t like for whatever reason in another colour.


During this read through I will jot notes about anything that jars with me, that I need to add, find figures or facts on etc etc. These notes take up pages and pages. When I draft I don’t worry about time scales and statistics, and instead I will do a ‘__’ , so I know I need to research it at a later date during editing. I’m a forward plowing drafter which I think stems from being a ‘pantser’ and not a plotter.

Here are my notes so far (there will be many more!):


When I have read through the entire draft, I will make the necessary amendments. I find it easier to work methodically through my list and check off everything as I sort it. For me, that is stage one of my editing process.

I will post again once I have finished the above mentioned. Until then, here is an excerpt that I had forgotten about, but still very much like:

“What is Cooper’s problem?” I ask under my breath. “I don’t have him down as the equality, peace, and harmony type of guy.”

Jude smirks. “But you can see it of me?” He’s got me there. “Cooper’s alright. Yeah, he has some anger issues, but it all stems from Daddy issues. I like him.”

I laugh out loud. “You like him? I’ve been half expecting you to kill each other since we got on that yacht.”

“What is it with women? You can’t appreciate a decent argument for what it is. You’ve always got to turn it into a drama. Men say what they got to, scuffle it out if they have to, and get over it.”

How can I even respond to that sexist nonsense?


Images and written excerpts are the property of K.J.Chapman


10 thoughts on “EVO Shift Editing Update #1”

  1. It likes like a very thorough process. Is it crazy that I just reread and go? For me, too many notes can get confusing, but I do everything on page as well. I do three major edit run throughs (maybe more if I haven’t had anyone else look at it), and then I have my beta readers (because most are family and friends) catch anything while they’re reading. Usually after my first edit.

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  2. You’re extremely well organized with these edits! It’s admirable. Best of luck working through that 🙂
    And thanks for the small snippet 🙂 It’s a tease, but it makes me that much more excited for what will come next!

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  3. Good luck with the edit!! I tried editing the chapters I added last week like this – on the computer, without printing them and just editing as I went. I couldn’t do it, so I printed them after all.
    I hope it goes as smoothly as an edit can go 🙂

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    1. Thank you. It’s going well so far, but a second read through will be the judge of that haha.

      I have ritualistic routines, but I never print. It’s just something I never started. I do, however, change the font to see it through a fresh perspective. It works for me 😉


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