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Seven Deadly Sins Tag


I have been tagged in this Friday fun post by Al over at Hyperactive Pandemonium. Thanks for the tag Al! I’m up for a little KJ.Chapman insight…

The following questions are based on the seven deadly sins, and are relevant to reading and writing.

Pride. Share a line or small scene that you’re really proud to have written. 

“Your hatred is all your own. It was yours to let go, just as it was yours to nurture into this evil that has enabled you to murder your own family.”

Envy. Tell us about the book you wish that’d you written. 

I have to say my favourite book: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.

Wrath. Tell us about a trope or cliche that makes you furious.

Damsels in distress- bleurgh!

Gluttony. Tell us about a trope you just can’t get enough of.

Paranormal/ supernatural romance- brooding hunks. Steamy, but easy reads.

Lust. Tell us about a character you’d do unspeakable things to. 

Seeing as I have been reading Brianna West’s paranormal romances of late, I shall say Lucas & Victor. (See  the above sin)

Sloth. Tell us about your favourite form of procrastination. 

Social media of course.

Greed. Tell us which author’s top of your auto-buy list. 

Stephen King, Kristin Cast, Kami Garcia… to name a few.

I am tagging Brianna West to have a go at this tag.

Thanks again for the tag, Al, and I hope it gives a better insight into the reading and writing habits of moi.



5 thoughts on “Seven Deadly Sins Tag”

  1. I absolutely loved reading this and getting to do my own spin on it. Glad that my hunks made it to your “would do unspeakable things to” list. That’s essentially what I aim for. Lol.


  2. EEEH! Jane Eyre is my favourite book too! I always make it a point to read it once a year. It’s just such a beautiful novel and Jane is such a strong and determined heroine!!! 😀
    Got a little excited there 😉
    I love your line. So poignant!
    Great answers all around 🙂 Thanks for sharing them!

    Liked by 1 person

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