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I write in First Person. No, I’m not Purely Projecting!

Just like a story  written in third person, a first person story is just that- a story. We draw on real emotions, locations, experiences just like every other writer, but the story is fiction. It is not a total projection of our lives.

eye roll

As you can guess, someone made this comment to me recently when they learnt that I write in first person. It put my back right up, and what do I do when I get annoyed?… I write. Hence, this post.

My MC is being tortured in my current chapter. I have never been tortured, and hope I never shall. So, what do I do to create realism? I think of a particularly difficult situation, draw on an emotion that may best reflect my MC’s, and I go from there. If I write about a woman with an unhealthy upbringing, that is not a reflection on my own life. I had an amazing childhood, but I know others who didn’t. I can use knowledge from their experiences and my own thoughts as an outsider to add realism to the narrative.

Yes, my imagination can be vivid, wild, and raw, but that’s why I write.

20 thoughts on “I write in First Person. No, I’m not Purely Projecting!”

  1. I know the problem, and you’ve actually given me an idea for a post now as well. I was talking to my Mum some days ago about writing and how I write. Writing bad guys was one thing she asked me about. Yesterday I was talking to my Dad and he told me that my Mum is worried that I can write such horrible human beings!! Yes, I can write someone who kills thousands of people and a puppy. No, it’s not something I’m about to do. Obviously not. Sheesh oO

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  2. While I do put parts of myself into my characters, it has nothing to do with the point of view in which I’m writing. I’ve written short stories in third person in which I did the same thing: put a part of myself into the characters. It’s just the way I write. But these characters don’t wholly represent me, only certain ideas or beliefs or questions that I have.

    For example, I love a villain who makes sense, so I have villains who can be perceived as villains (i.e., they do horrible things) but have good reasons and good intentions. I always like to keep in mind that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and we all believe our intentions are good (in fact, the second book in my trilogy is called Perfect Intent). I’m sure if you asked Hitler if his intentions were good, he would’ve answered yes. No one believes they’re evil, not even someone who hurts people on a mass scale (think about that next time you read something about ISIS; it’ll blow your mind).

    So when I hear of someone thinking that a writer who writes evil things is capable of such evil, I have to wonder if they realize that humans are actually capable of controlling themselves and not simply acting out all of their thoughts. I also have to wonder if they’re aware of the evil thoughts they have, such as what they’d like to do to a driver who cuts them off in traffic.

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  3. I wish I could write in first person, but I have this fear of getting too into my character’s head and getting lost there. I am always impressed by people with the courage to do it. And you do it so well!
    I’m glad you express yourself and aren’t afraid to share your opinion! You go, girl! Take the world by storm with your genius & imagination 😉


    1. It amazing how different we all are as writers. I take my hat off to anyone who can write in multiple P.O.V’s. I find that tricky.

      Thank you for the compliment- I’m glad you enjoyed the writing style. 🙂

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  4. One of the hardest things to do is tell a story, a good one, from first person. This is actually a challenge that a few writers I have read are unable to meet. It takes a certain quality of writing to accomplish this in a captivating way. I’ve seen many authors not utilize the great aspects you achieve in first person. Also, third person is great for many other stories, but romances as well as one character narrative. And as you’ve read with my books, there is only things that first person can accomplish…a new flair on your writing that third person doesn’t allow.

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      1. You’re such a sweetie poo. There are ways to definitely approve where I stand, but I don’t know, like with anything, there can be good and bad. If you’ve had bad experiences with first person, reading something that wasn’t very good, then you tend to hate that style. Third person isn’t my go to, but I can do it. Reading it could be good, but I like feeling like the main character.

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  5. I write in first person because that’s what I’ve always done. When I was younger, I wouldn’t read or write anything that wasn’t first person because I felt like more emotion was coming through better. I’ve definitely grown since then, now reading and sometimes writing in third person, but I still write how I love to write.

    I didn’t realize until now that people may think that that’s the case with first person writers. What about if you write about Mars? Have you BEEN to Mars? Or maybe you’re writing about having cancer but are as healthy as can be. It really just doesn’t make any sense to me.

    Thank you for writing this! I feel a little more enriched in the writing world!

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    1. First person is my natural writing style. I find I don’t have to think about it like I would writing in another POV. I enjoy writing the emotion in first person. I’ve thought of a new first person POV catch phrase:
      Not Projecting, Just Connecting!!! haha 🙂

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  6. Wait…I’m a little bit shocked here. Someone seriously accused you (because you write in 1st person POV) that you’re merely projecting? I sure hope this wasn’t a fellow writer, becuase (1) wow (2) ummm still wow and (3) someone needs to look up the concept of fiction.

    Anyhow, I’m glad you let them know the difference between reality and fiction! I’m glad you stood up for your writing. So crazy they thought that!


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