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Write Me: One Hundred Word Story

Oh Yeah! I’ve finally completed the challenge I had set for myself. Over the past ten weeks, I have  written ten stories with word limits, starting at ten words and working up in multiples of ten each week until one hundred. I’m chuffed with what I have achieved, and I don’t think I have done a bad job with the stories that I created each week.

This post is the last of the Monday writing exercise posts. I have two other writing exercises on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and I’m scaling back due to my desperate need to plow more writing hours into my work in progress. Two is plenty to be getting on with. Mondays can be free for book reviews, musings, tip shares etc as and when the fancy takes me.


She watches with adoring eyes as I board the craft and fly out of the atmosphere. I’m not her father, but you could be mistaken in thinking so. Seven earth years ago, I took her from her mother’s dead arms. Now, I have to leave her with another mother- my own.  A loving, disciplined woman is what she needs, not a reckless, irresponsible, space outlaw. Not that I had much choice in the matter.

My sentence will end in five years. I know she will keep the High Diamond safe for me. My girl, the universe’s best and youngest thief.

Feel free to join in with your own one hundred word stories and let me know what you come up with.

I would like to thank everyone who has followed these writing exercises, and the wonderful comments I have received. It is a joy to know that my stories have been well received.

All written works are the property of K.J.Chapman

10 thoughts on “Write Me: One Hundred Word Story”

  1. Great job! I love setting goals and exceeding them (I’m an overachiever). I think it’s great that you guys works so hard to improve your writing, and I hope to be as good as that one day. Still just enjoy the writing my long books so far. I’ll be looking forward to more in the future!

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  2. Outstanding end to the exercise! Well done, you have achieved compelling stories. Thank you for sharing your talent 🙂
    WIP do need to take priorities and very understandable on what you are doing. I will miss reading these stories but look forward to the posts that will replace it 🙂

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  3. You have definitely accomplished great things with this exercise and what an excellent way to conclude it. You always manage to intrigue and delight with your words no matter how few or how many. I have loved reading each of these 🙂

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  4. Lovely story-a brilliant finish to a job well done! It’s amazing what you’ve accomplished each week using so few words and how you always manage to draw me into the world you create.
    I look forward to your stories each week and am sad you’re not adding in another exercise but complete understand your reasoning for not doing so. Great job and I look forward to reading your other posts. Good luck with your WIP 🙂

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