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What’s Your Name? Letter E

After the amazing comments in regards to last week’s ‘Letter D’ writing exercise, I am extending the story into this week’s ‘Letter E’ exercise.

If you haven’t already read it, you will have to catch up on last week’s story here.

The name randomly chosen from the first ‘E’ page in my name book is…

Eavan: (pronounced ay-van) A feminine first name meaning ‘radiant’. Irish Gaelic.

For the purpose of this story I shall bend the name conventions a little and use it as a surname.


 “Who has threatened my life? Why?”

“I shouldn’t be here, Eva. I was brought before the court three months ago, and I swore an oath to stop returning to Earth, to you. It is forbidden for us to associate with humans.”

“But why?” Eva steps back a little and Daire grips her wrists, not allowing the distance between them.

Daire looks to his feet, clearly unsure how to broach the conversation. “Because we are seen as superior. To associate with a human is a dishonour to my kind.”

Eva pulls from his grip, wrapping her arms around herself in an attempt to keep his words at bay. “A dishonour?” Her voice comes out little and weak.

He pulls her close again, tilting her chin to look into her eyes. “That is not how I feel. You know that. Meeting you has been the greatest privilege of my life. It is an honour to know you, my Eva. But someone has betrayed me, and the court knows of my growing… feelings toward you.”

“Can you not just stay here? Live here?”

Daire shakes his head, his long white hair falling in front of his golden eyes. “They will never let me live out my days here. I’m important to them.”

Eva tucks her hair behind her ears. “I don’t understand any of this. Why are you important to them? If you’re important they may listen to you. Have you just asked?”

He chuckles a little and it annoys her. “I am an Eavan. That name is the most powerful on my planet. I hold a royal title, and my father is Primary Rule of the nine Kingdoms of Myxon. I am his eldest son.” Eva tilts her head, scrunching her nose in confusion. “Eva, I am Prince Daire Eavan of Myxon. I am next in line to Primary Rule. They will not allow me to love you. You must leave with me right away.”

Eva’s breath catches in her throat. “You love me?” she asks. A smile pulls at Daire’s lips. “Say it again, but properly.”

She waits with her heart in her throat. Daire has never mentioned love; the topic caused her many sleepless nights. She was falling for a man she couldn’t keep, or so she thought.

He takes her hands, pulling them to his chest. “Do you feel this?” His heart beat is strong and sure. Eva nods. “That is yours and only yours. I love you, my Eva.”

The biggest smile breaks on her face. Daire returns the gesture. “I love you too.” Eva launches herself at him again, and he catches her effortlessly. She strokes his hair out of his face and kisses him. “Okay, when do we leave?”

Daire studies her face. “You will come with me?”

“I will go anywhere with you,” she replies. His grip tightens on her hips. “As long as my Papa is safe.”

“They do not care for your Papa. He will be safe.” Daire lowers her to her feet, and straightens her blouse. “I’m sorry to take you from your loved ones.”

“It is what it is, Daire.”

“And we love who we love,” he adds.

Her tummy swoops. “How do I explain this to Papa?”

Daire stops her before she can move. “We do not have time, Eva. Your Papa cannot know the truth.”

She pulls her mobile from her pocket and starts to type. Her hands shake as she types words that she knows will break his heart; words she has said to him time and time before and he made her swear to never fulfill.

‘I’m done with this town. I have to see the world. I will come back- I promise you. Love you. xx’

It’s only when Daire wipes a tear from her cheek that she realises she is crying. “This will keep him safe, right?” she asks again.

Daire nods, cupping her cheek in his hand. “I will make all of this right for you.”

“Where are we going?”

He raises a hand in the air and the green beam of light stretches from the clouds, illuminating the clearing. “To the only person I can trust- my sister.”

All written works are the property of K.J.Chapman


13 thoughts on “What’s Your Name? Letter E”

  1. I love your writing exercises! Makes me wonder why I’m not doing them. It’s a great short with a lot of depth in just a small segment. Definitely leaves you wanting for more–to see how it all pans out. And may I just say…..well hello Daire…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful! I was over the moon to see that this was a follow-up to last Saturday’s story. I am wholly invested in this tale and these characters. Here’s hoping that you will be inspired to keep the story going next week…
    Even if not, every story you write is a joy to read! Your words are glorious!

    Liked by 1 person

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