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Review: Infinity Squad by Shuvom Ghose

Infinity Squad by Shuvom Ghose 3/5


Second Lieutenant Jonah Forrest is finding out that having infinite lives doesn’t make war any easier. Sure, downloading into a cloned body when you die is better than the alternative, but that doesn’t make a Hell-Spider’s claws hurt any less. Or his General’s orders for suicide missions any more sane.

But when his First Lieutenant gets killed in action, really killed, and when a captured Hell-Spider offers a way to get ‘kills’ without taking on the enemy, Forrest and his Infinity Squad will have to decide how hard they are willing to work to take the easy way out. Especially when the General starts catching on to their schemes. And when their Hell-Spider prisoner starts suggesting more and more dangerous alternative missions. And when they start suspecting that not ALL of their consciousness is transferring into their new cloned bodies.

Did you like the Starship Troopers movie? Well, this novel is similar in nature- Space soldiers, hell-spiders, brain slugs, and massive wasps. The difference is that with the technology in their buffering bands, the soldiers can die and wake up in new clone bodies. What is more efficient than a soldier who can’t die? But what are the consequences?

Infinity Squad was a lot of fun. Perhaps, not my usual type of read, and at times the narrative and plot twists and turns were so fast that I felt like I had been spun three hundred and sixty degrees at light speed, but it was exciting and not at all deep. The ‘who is the real enemy’ story line was an interesting and compelling route to take.

The main character and his two closest sub characters were well developed, and their dialogue read easily. The rest felt a little stilted and hard to differentiate. The hell-spiders almost seemed more believable in many ways- they had their own codes, rules, and hierarchy.

The concept was inventive, and like I already stated, a lot of fun. If you want an easy read with a humourous, yet dark, space colonisation story line, then I would definitely recommend this book to you. I will probably give book two a shot!

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