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What’s Your Name? Letter D

Today’s name that I randomly selected from the first D page of the name book is:

Dáire: (pronounced darr-ya) a masculine first name meaning ‘fruitful’ or ‘fertile’ (Irish Gaelic).


Pulling her jumper over her head, and scrunching her hair back into a ponytail, Eva runs down the garden path, and volts the wall into the neighbouring field. The moon is fat in the sky, illuminating everything with clear brilliance. With one final glance at the dark windows to make sure her Papa is none the wiser, she races on through the long grass.

Her rucksack, as usual during these midnight escapades, is full of blankets, food, drink, and Papa’s clothes. The earth is boggy underfoot, and the breeze cuts through her jumper and jeans, but nothing can dampen her spirits tonight.

At the edge of the field she climbs the gate into Mr O’Hara’s field that borders the woods. A security light flashes on, and she shrinks into the hedgerow. She can’t be seen; not by a soul. Keeping low and avoiding the nettles, she skirts the field in ten seconds flat, and sprints into the woods.

She makes it to the clearing in less than ten minutes. Slumping down on the fallen tree to catch her breath, she admires the moon in all its glory. She had never appreciated the moon before all of this started. Now, she has the lunar cycles meticulously noted on her calendar. Her Papa made a joke about her being a werewolf, which amused her greatly. If only he knew.

It has been exactly twenty nine days since the last full moon. The longest twenty nine days in human history, or so it felt to Eva. Impatiently drumming her fingers against the tree bark, she nervously jiggles her legs. The excitement never dissipated, if anything it only grew with each full moon.

Then she felt it- the change in the air as if charged with electricity, the eerie silence that always fell over the woods, the pulsating, humming noise, and finally, the beam of light.

The light stretches from the sky, illuminating the clearing in beautiful green rays. The floating shape gives her goose bumps, and she holds her breath as the figure slowly tumbles through the light toward earth. The light disappears as quickly as it arrived, and she blinks away the dots in her eyes, allowing them to acclimatise to the sudden darkness.

He lies on the ground, pale skin and silver white hair aglow in the moonlight. He always arrives naked. It was part and parcel with the port ship; only organic matter could go through the port, or at least that was what she understood from his explanations.

He stands uneasily, straightening himself out, and getting re-accustomed to the increased gravity. “Eva?” he asks, blinking through unfocused eyes.

Eva rushes him, jumping into his arms. “I’ve missed you, Dáire,” she whispers.

He strokes her hair out of her face and kisses her. “Not as much as I have missed you,” he says against her lips.

Dáire’s gold irises sparkle in the moonlight making her tummy swoop. “How long can you stay for this time?” she asks, scared of his reply.

“Five minutes.” He judges her reaction, gripping a little tighter to her waist. “They know, Eva. They know what I’ve been doing, and have threatened your life. I can’t stay, and neither can you. You’ve got to come with me- right now.”

All written works are the property of K.J.Chapman



8 thoughts on “What’s Your Name? Letter D”

  1. How could you? How could you write this gorgeous and compelling tale and then leave us hanging! The cruelty of it all. I must hope now with all my heart that there will be a follow up.
    Otherwise, your talent as a writer is just uncanny! I just finished book 3 of my 2016 reads and I’m now turning to EVO Nation 😀 Can. Not. WAIT!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There will definitely be a follow up! I LOVED writing this one, hence why not many questions have been answered 🙂

      Thank you for the support- I hope EVO Nation lives up to expectation *chews nails*! 🙂

      Also ,WOW! You’re now onto book 4 already and it’s only Jan 11th! That’s some reading power- you go!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yay! Follow-up!!
        Reading is a part of my daily routine. I always try to start my day with reading and end it the same 🙂
        Leave your poor nails alone 😉 I’m at Chapter 10 right now and it is brilliant so far. A real page-turner! But no surprises there! Teddie is such a wonderful character too.

        Liked by 1 person

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