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Well, That’s A Novel Surprise

Well, it has happened again, folks. A surprise character has arrived in the world of EVO Shift; a surprise character, but a highly important one who now has an important role in book three. Let’s just say their appearance in the narrative has only gone and reshaped MY WHOLE ENDING!


Why does this always happen? When you think you’re on the home straight, something crops up to throw a spanner in the works. I can’t just skirt over this character until a later date. I need to give them and their story more attention.

I can’t stress how important they are going to be to my main character. It’s a relationship that is going to last, so I best crack on, and reassess everything I thought was going to happen…



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21 thoughts on “Well, That’s A Novel Surprise”

  1. *claps hands and gives a bum wiggle dance* This is such a thrilling time. It is great when new characters turn up unexpected. It can cause conflict at first as the ending was so close but gives you a new perspective 🙂 Good luck with finding out more about this character 🙂

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    1. I glad that my post has stirred a bum wiggle from you haha.

      I know it’s for the best, but I was so close… so close *Waaaaaa :(* I’m introducing them as we speak, so I best get back to finding out who this uninvited guest truly is 😉

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  2. I’m thinking it’s the latter haha. Yes, my narrative will be better for it. I’ve just had an amazing idea that involves the new character saving my MC instead of the other way around… hmmmm, why do I have these ideas on days when I have limited writing time?


  3. I love when something unexpected happens, because for me it’s always a sign of how invested I am in the story and how in sync I am with it. I was nearing the end of Heritage (my NaNoWriMo novel) and a character came in after the midpoint who I had never considered before then, even though I’d outlined it, and who turned out to be be of the highest importance. And then there are those characters introduced in the first act who take on larger roles than you ever expected as the story progresses. I hope it doesn’t cause you too much grief to work with this new development, so close to the end as you are. Hopefully it will be rewarding 🙂 In your deft hands, I’m sure everything will work out for the best 😀

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    1. I glad your surprise character worked out well for you. I hope mine does too.
      I was fretting about the amount of added work/ time to my draft, but I’ve had a sudden inspiration and I’m relaxing a little now. The character has already aided narrative progression by giving my MC motivation to do a certain thing … 😉

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  4. Now that sounds like one hell of a character, to reshape your whole ending! There’s room in my second book for sneak attacks, too, and I hope they’ll go as well as this one.
    Sounds like EVO Shift is shaping up rather nicely! 🙂


  5. That sounds awesome! 🙂

    By the way, just recently, a new character cropped up for the third and final book of my sci-fi trilogy. But I’m sure you know who that character is, you know, since she’s named after you. 😉

    Oh, and of course the first bit of dialogue I got was my protagonist, Kara, reacting to this new character coming on board. Currently, the exchange with her friend, Liv, goes something like this:

    Kara: “Hold on. This late in the game, can we seriously afford to add yet another character to our rag-tag group of instant troublemaking misfits?”
    Liv: “Seriously, Kara? You can’t just welcome her into the fold? Why is there always some kinda drama with you when even the slightest bit of change…?”
    Kara: “Okay. But if she doesn’t get the time she needs for proper character development, don’t blame me.”

    Breaking that Fourth Wall, yo!

    …and giving myself a built-in excuse for when I fail to develop her character in any way possible. 🙂

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