Allergic to the Letter ‘E’ Challenge

A New Years challenge for the lovelies in my blogging family.

I have reblogged my attempt at the ‘Allergic to the Letter E’ challenge from a few months ago because I am planning another crack at it in a few weeks.

I thought I would extend an open invitation to anyone who feels up for the challenge!

Happy writing!

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A week ago, I saw an ‘Allergic to the letter ‘E’ challenge’ over at Art and Soul. The challenge was extended to anyone who wanted to take part, and I definitely wanted a shot at it for my ‘Friday Fun’ post.

Basically, the letter ‘E’ is the most commonly used letter in the English language, so writing a paragraph/ excerpt without it is quite a challenge. I’m up for that challenge.

Here it goes:

Sitting on my own on bus forty two is not what I had in mind. Obviously, Layla isn’t coming, but a call isn’t too much to ask, right? Now, I’m stuck on a hour long bus trip with a drunk who stinks of body odour.

I dial six unfamiliar digits from a napkin Rowan hid in my rucksack for just such occasions.

It rings.

“What’s up?” Rowan sounds anxious.

“Layla’s a no show,” I say.

“What?” Rowan sighs. “Christ, Coram. I told you to go tactfully…

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