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What’s Your Name? Letter G

I’ve just had a crazy thought… I am already on week 7 of these posts! Where have those weeks gone? Anyway, back to business. Today’s name, randomly selected from the first G page in my naming book, is:

Gabrielle: a feminine form of Gabriel ‘man of God.’ Diminutive forms inc Gabbie/ Gabby.


I stand at the edge of the forest looking into the gloom of the shadows. The voice still calls to me. It sounds like the wind, but it definitely calls to me.

“Gabrielle. Gabrielle.”

It draws me closer still. A part of my brain screams at me to stop, to run away screaming, but that part feels locked away; unable to access my body that is hell bent on following the voice.

“Gabrielle. Gabrielle. Gabrielle.”

“I’m coming,” I reply, taking a step into the black of the woods. The shadows lick at my skin, leaving an icy chill in their wake. ‘Wake up, Gabrielle,’ I scream at myself. ‘This is a bad idea!’

I can feel myself tearing out of my trance like state. Fear consumes me, and the shadows reach out with more ferocity, every touch draining me, sucking the life from me. It’s too much to fight. The chill eats into my chest, squeezing everything warm and good from me.

In the next instant, I’m tackled to the ground, and dragged from the forest.

“GABRIELLE!” the forest voice screams. Birds scatter from the trees, and the cold that was filling every inch of my being retreats and warmth takes its place. The body pinning me to the floor is a welcome source of heat. I hold myself to it, wishing the chill away.

“Are you okay?” says a husky, male voice.

Brown eyes search my own, and then he rolls off of me. The man stands, holding a hand out to me, and helps me up. He has harsh features, and a permanent scowl on his face, but I know he’s a good man. Call it intuition if you must. He wouldn’t be bad looking if he just smiled.

“I think we need a chat,” he says.

“Who are you?”

“Just call me a good samaritan.”

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EVO Shift, Writing and Me

EVO Shift Editing Update #2

The changes have been made.

As you can see from the picture, I not only have a love of highlighters, but I have also worked my way through my whole list of notes and amendments.

6tag_290116-123131It was quite a feat. It was only when I made it through half the notes that I finally started to feel confident that I was heading in the right direction. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

So, what is in store for stage #2 of editing?

I have approximately three chapters/ scenes to add. The story flows, but I feel these scenes will flesh certain areas out a little bit. Once, the chapters are added, I will go back through my processes in stage #1 again to highlight anything I need to amend in the new writing.

Then, I will be ready for the second read through. I change the font style and colour for the second read through as this helps me see it in a fresh way. This genuinely works, or at least it does for my brain. I always pick up things I have missed when I get to this read through. I will pick a different colour from stage #1, but yep, I do highlight anything I’m still not happy with. I usually don’t need to make notes during this stage. It’s more of a narrative polish-up than anything else.

I will post another up-date when I have completed stage #2, but for now, here is another excerpt:

Cooper has spent the entire day working out. At one point he asked Bo to count his crunches, but she told him to do it himself in not as many words. I know why he is doing it, I want to be occupied myself, but there is nothing for me to do other than pace.

“I need to lift,” Cooper says, panting. He looks to me, but I turn my back on him and continue pacing. Then, he looks to Bo.

“Lift this,” she says, flipping him the bird. “Will you quit with the strong man routine. We get it- you work out. Now, do us a favour and give it a rest. I’m done with your grunting.”

Cooper spits into the piss bucket and comes to stand beside me at the bars. “And I thought you were bad,” he mutters.

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EVO Shift, Writing and Me

EVO Shift Editing Update #1

My draft of EVO Shift has been sitting untouched for the past eight days and I couldn’t refrain from editing any longer. It has been hard to leave it and I had to distract myself with the usual means- Netflix, Pinterest, and reading. I know some writers like to leave their first drafts to sit for much longer, but it has been seven months in the making for me, so I have pretty much not seen the first chapters in just as long.

So, how do I start my editing process? 

Highlighting! I don’t print out my work. All editing happens on screen, and I have quite ritualistic methods for the beginning of my editing process. I re-read my entire draft, marking anything to keep in one colour, and anything I don’t like for whatever reason in another colour.


During this read through I will jot notes about anything that jars with me, that I need to add, find figures or facts on etc etc. These notes take up pages and pages. When I draft I don’t worry about time scales and statistics, and instead I will do a ‘__’ , so I know I need to research it at a later date during editing. I’m a forward plowing drafter which I think stems from being a ‘pantser’ and not a plotter.

Here are my notes so far (there will be many more!):


When I have read through the entire draft, I will make the necessary amendments. I find it easier to work methodically through my list and check off everything as I sort it. For me, that is stage one of my editing process.

I will post again once I have finished the above mentioned. Until then, here is an excerpt that I had forgotten about, but still very much like:

“What is Cooper’s problem?” I ask under my breath. “I don’t have him down as the equality, peace, and harmony type of guy.”

Jude smirks. “But you can see it of me?” He’s got me there. “Cooper’s alright. Yeah, he has some anger issues, but it all stems from Daddy issues. I like him.”

I laugh out loud. “You like him? I’ve been half expecting you to kill each other since we got on that yacht.”

“What is it with women? You can’t appreciate a decent argument for what it is. You’ve always got to turn it into a drama. Men say what they got to, scuffle it out if they have to, and get over it.”

How can I even respond to that sexist nonsense?


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100% K.J Chapman, EVO Nation: Book One, EVO Shift

EVO Shift: Cover and Blurb Reveal!

The publication of EVO Shift is fast approaching. A date hasn’t been set in stone, but it soon will be. I am still editing and have to send out copies to my A.R.C readers, however I do have some reveals for you today.

The cover for EVO Shift: EVO Nation Series Book Two:

evo shift jpeg

EVO Shift blurb:

She killed him, but did it make a difference?

Her kind has been exposed, abused, and segregated, and now Teddie Leason is Britain’s most wanted EVO at just nineteen. Teddie has to decide whose side she is on, what she fights for, and whether it’s worth her life.

How can she protect the man she adores, the Uncle who has taken her under his wing, and her unfaltering friends, when she can barely take care of herself? Dealing with new power and a history that has long since been forgotten, has rendered the world’s most powerful EVO vulnerable and at risk.

When will she be dealt a winning hand? Could a clandestine, renegade group of EVO change not only her fate, but that of everyone affected by this unprecedented war? And how does Teddie fit in a world bracing for a shift of unfathomable magnitude?

Book one, EVO Nation, also has a NEW cover. I hope this will give the series covers continuity:


I will post further updates as and when they’re decided. Thank you for all your support.

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Sometimes, It’s Okay to NOT Write

I know that this title might drive fear into the hearts of many writers, and yes, the idea of NOT writing can bring me out in a cold sweat, but let me explain. I don’t mean give up writing. If you’re like me, giving up my writing would be like giving up a piece of what makes me me. No, I mean that sometimes we need to take a break, and life shouldn’t be seen as a distraction.

giphy relax

December was a busy month for me. I got married, attended school plays, played chauffeur to my daughter, taking her to Christmas parties, discos, school parties. I caught up on a back log of Christmas shopping, then took my Nana shopping for the best part of six hours. As a family we went out for meals, watched films, and so on, and so on. At first, I told myself that these were just excuses, that if I really tried I would have fitted in my writing time. Perhaps this is partly true, but it was only when I told myself that writing was a big part of my life, but not my whole life that I finally saw the light.

Sometimes, it’s okay to NOT write. It’s okay to enjoy my life without having that nagging word count in the back of my mind. The world won’t end, and I won’t spontaneously combust from sheer lack of typing. I’m ambitious, and I want to achieve things, but I set the deadlines, the time schedules, the goals, and I need to set my limits.

giphy (62)

After all, it’s life that gives us writers rich experiences to draw upon, and life is the best form of research.


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REVIEW | EVO Nation by KJ Chapman

I just had to reblog this EVO Nation review by Faith over at aliasfaithrivens. It is always an honour to read a great review, and to hear someone loves my characters as much as I do.

Thank you, Faith.


Good Day One & All,

This review has been a long time coming! And not for reason of lack of inspiration. I’ve just been trying to get a few things organized and wanted to devote the right amount of time and attention to a book that truly deserves it.

Before I start on the actual book, it’s important to speak about the author. KJ Chapman is a fellow blogger on WordPress (you can find her HERE!) She has inspired me with her posts over the past few months, sharing short stories embodied by vivid characters and thrilling plots. I needed no other incentive to buy a copy of Amazon and dive into it.

I have to admit… I’ve never read an ebook before so the experience of readingEVO Nation was a new one. It’s definitely not the way I want to read my books but it didn’t detract…

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Book Reviews

Review: Victor by Brianna West (Advanced Reader Copy)

Victor (Guardians in Love Book One) by Brianna West 5/5 (No Spoilers)

15175432_1339017506149663_1417065826_nBrianna West has done it again- created another steamy, action packed novel of the paranormal and supernatural genre. Victor is part of a spin off series, Guardians in Love, that has stemmed from West’s Promiscus Guardians series. Although, we learnt a little bit about Victor in the Promiscus Guardians series, he isn’t the main character or love interest, so this spin off series has satisfied my need to peek inside Victor’s head.

Lilly’s character is perfectly flawed, and Victor has an open sense of self that he does not shy away from. All character’s are well developed, and their story arcs polished.

If you are a fan of supernatural/ paranormal romance, you do not want to miss out on this novel. West’s love interests have the ability to make the reader swoon, and the healthy dose of action fueled narrative ensures that the reader is engaged from start to finish.

I read Victor in a day! Yep, one day. I believe this to be testament to how captivating West’s writing style is. The easy to read writing style, engaging narrative, and brooding romance has earned my 5/5 rating.


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